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God Bless America

Your Football Team Photo Is Inadequate.

Happy Independence Day From Dawg Sports!

ESPN Showcases Bond Between UGA Strength Coaches

Happy Memorial Day From Dawg Sports

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'Dawgs On Tour: Masters Edition

Thanks, Obama: Budget Targets Ticket Tax Breaks

Saturday GHSA And Army/Navy Open Comment Thread.

Featured Fanshot

Not Liking Navy's "Don't Tread On Me Helmets" May Be Un-American.

As you can see, the United States Naval Academy has unveiled the helmets which the Midshipmen will wear for this weekend's traditional football game versus the United States Military Academy. The helmets are, for lack of a better term, badass. The cool alternate uniforms have become but one of the aspects of this game to which I annually look forward. Army/Navy has always been a nice palate cleanser following another college football season full of money and scandal. By the way, as is customary, there will be an open thread here at Dawg Sports for Saturday's game. Go Navy. Beat Army.

Happy Veterans Day From Dawg Sports.

1980 Georgia/Florida Game Tonight On SEC Network

Come on, everyone else is jumping too! U-S-A!

USA World Cup open thread, with some UGA tidbits.

Happy Birthday, Willie.

Super Sunday Open Comment Thread.


It's not quite Steve Martin and a phone book, but it'll do. For now. Just a few more days of waiting.

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2013 Georgia football season previews

Dawgsports staff takes you game by game through the 2013 Georgia football season.

Oh The Techies You'll Meet!