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Georgia Bulldogs Mascot Uga

In Appreciation Of A Damn Good Dog

Schotty, Schotty, You like to Party?

The Mark Richt Victory Watch Welcomes Que & Schotty

Russ Retiring in the fall, New Uga X Coming

It was announced during today's Countdown to Kickoff event that Russ is retiring as Uga IX sometime this season.

Featured Fanshot

Georgia has better things to do with their time and our money.

It looks like this is what we've been working on the past few weeks/months. A new logo and font.Clearly now with a second logo and new font, fans will be much more excited about coming out to basketball games, and the baseball team will play better.

Russ Breaks the Color Barrier and is Crowned Uga IX

Russ Breaks the Color Barrier and is Crowned Uga IX

Make Russ the Official UGA Mascot

Make Russ the Official UGA Mascot

A Georgia Bulldogs Fan Reacts to the Death of the Louisiana Tech Mascot

Bulldog aficionados everywhere were appalled at the recent news regarding Louisiana Tech's mascot. Georgia fans took it particularly seriously, for reasons Dawg Sports explains.

What Must be Done to Ensure the Health of the Uga Mascot Line?

In recent years, the Georgia Bulldogs too often have seen the team's beloved mascot, Uga, meet with an untimely end. Is it time to change the breeding standards in order to ensure the health of the live mascot line?