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Georgia Bulldogs Free Form Friday

Free Form Friday has 57 channels, Netflix, and Hulu. What's on?

Free Form Friday: Survival of the Fittest

Free Form Friday: Walk this way.

Freeform Friday: Cam, Peyton, & Hungry Hippos

Free Form Friday: Can We Stop Talking About Brady's Balls, Please?

Darn Good Gifts For The Darn Good 'Dawg.

The Dawg Sports editorial staff takes a swing at helping you with your holiday shopping.

Free Form Friday Is Making The Grade.

Free Form Friday: Spring Sports and Smoked Pork.

Free Form Friday: A Minor Crowd Sourcing Issue.

Free Form Friday: Building A Better Signing Day.

Welcome to Free Form Friday, Dawg Sports's way of occupying you through a long, cold offseason. It's like a tailgate party, except you have to bring your own beer if you want something other than Bud Light. Okay, it's basically a virtual tailgate. But you still can't have any of our good beer.

Free Form Friday: Don't Sweat The Technique.

Free Form Friday.

Free Form Friday: All The World's A Song.

Free Form Friday Finds Some Things To Believe In.

Free Form Friday Takes One In The Teeth.

It's the triumphant return of Free Form Friday, the pound puppy of offseason open comment threads, a mutt of questionable parentage and odd appearance who you just can't help but love. Let's light this sparkler.

Free Form Friday.

Free Form Friday Tries To Speak Richt-ese

Welcome to Free Form Friday, the anything goes, stream of consciousness wild card of the Dawg Sports week. Here we discuss Bulldog sports, music, barbecue, really whatever catches our fancy. Enjoy.

Free Form Friday: Have A Very Merry Apocalypse!

Free Form Friday Gets All Friday Night Lights.

The Georgia High School Association has taken over the Georgia Dome this weekend for its annual series of state championship games. This is your open comment thread for those games, and whatever else captures your fancy.

The Friday Tailgate.

This week under the virtual tailgate tent, we huddle around the dry erase board to talk about defending the triple option, including a look at what went right last week against Georgia Southern, and what went wrong the last time we lost to the North Avenue Trade School (which we wouldn't have remembered but for the magic of the internet).

Free Form Friday Is In A Bind And Willing To Make A Deal.

Free Form Friday Is Looking For A Few Good Allies.

Free Form Friday Makes A Series Of Impassioned Pleas, None Of Which Involve Burger King (Okay, Maybe One).

Free Form Friday Wants To Take A Sad Week And Make It Better.

Free Form Friday Has Some Friends We'd Like You To Employ If You Want Us To Keep Writing.

Free Form Friday Wonders: "What Were We Talking About Again?"

Free Form Friday Has No Sympathy For Our Appalachian Neighbors, Because Peerless Price Had None For Me.

Free Form Friday Wonders What Shade Of Lipstick Gene Smith Prefers.

Free Form Friday Is Glad The Workers Are Coming Home.

Free Form Friday Wants You To Succeed. Or Join The Foreign Legion. Whatever.

Free Form Friday Urges Mike Adams To Embrace His Inner Chincilla Farmer.

Free Form Friday Makes Like Jim Mora. (Playoffs!?! Playoffs!?!)