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Georgia Bulldogs Football Scheduling

Tuesday Morning ‘Dawg Bites Is Looking To Lock It Up

Your Week 4 College Football TV Schedule

The appetizers recently digested, we prepare for the entrée...

Your Week 3 College Football TV Schedule


Your Week 1 College Football TV Schedule

The Champ is Here!

Wednesday ‘Dawg Bites Finds Our Way Around Indecision

Gameday Morning Dawg Bites and Open Comment Thread

Let’s begin again...

This stream has:

Know Your Enemy: Previewing Georgia’s 2021 Opponents

JT Daniels Just Shattered The Glass Ceiling That Has Been Hanging Over Georgia Football

Your Week 12 College Football TV Schedule

The postponements keep coming... and they don’t stop coming...

Nick Saban Tests Positive For Covid-19

Know Thy Enemy - Vanderbilt

But can you really call them an "enemy"?

Know Thy Enemy: Captain Temporary Insanity and His Gamechickens

Or Coach Larry and The Cocky Boyz, if you prefer...

The Battle Hymnal Schedule Release React Episode

Take Care Of Each Other, Bulldog Nation

Is The SEC Network Trolling The ACC?

The 2020 Georgia Tech Game Is Cancelled. I Hope The Series Never Returns.

Let’s Get Weird, Y’all.

A ten game SEC schedule sounded like it could be fun. After seeing who Georgia and Florida would add to their schedules, it looks like an absolute blast.

Trading Yards For Havoc: Why Georgia’s Defense Will Both Regress And Improve in 2020

Opponent Preview: Kentucky Wildcats

Opponent Preview: Tennessee Volunteers

All is not well in Knoxville, and I’m not just talking about the Turf.

Thursday Morning ‘Dawg Bites

You’ve got your coffee. Now, you need sustenance. Dig in.

Friday Morning Dawg Bites

Schedules, Cookies & Hula Hoops???

Know Your Enemy: Kentucky Wildcats

Kentucky?  I thought they were a basketball school.

Know Your Enemy: South Carolina Gamecocks

Thursday Morning Dawg Bites

393 hours 15 minutes and counting...

Season 1 Volume 3 | Missouri vs UGA Game Preview

Wednesday Morning ‘Dawg Bites

A Glimpse Into The Future?

Georgia pulls off a minor football scheduling miracle.

Georgia schedules a non-conference football game against an FCS opponent which is unique in the entire college football firmament.

Featured Fanshot

Why the SEC Should Scrap Divisions

This is a surprisingly great idea (and yes, all the rivalries will be saved. Except Tennessee, but who likes them anyway).

Georgia offensive line looking to put it all together right on time

Featured Fanshot

Georgia Adds Murray State to 2018 Schedule

Another day, another small-conference opponent for UGA. Yesterday it was revealed the 'Dawgs would play UMass in 2018. Today it's FCS member Murray State out of Kentucky. The racers will get $500,000 for the effort, a bargain compared to the $1.5 million deal with UMass. There is still one open date for Georgia's 2018 schedule.