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Georgia Bulldogs Dawg Gone Podcast

DGP 92: Worth The Wait...Maybe

In the first of the last two episodes of the DGP, I apologize profusely, invite our good friends from 1 Beer 1 Song on to discuss UGA Football, and we equate our biggest rivals to terrible beer.

Committed To The G: There's A New Podcast In Town

Do you like Georgia Bulldogs football? Do you like podcasts? Then we've got just the thing for you.

DGP 91: Lewis Grizzard Edition

Hello again, kids. I feel a little weird doing this episode because I've never done a podcast before where we've lost to Tech the prior weekend. So let's get together, talk it out, and find some closure.

DGP 90: Grab a Cocktail Edition

This week I wax Dawg Poetic and give thanks to you guys, Festive Ale, and not giving a dang about anything because all I want to do is be disappointed and beat Georgia Tech.

DGP 89: Giving Credit Edition

This week I wax Dawg Poetic about Richt not being mediocre after all, Jeremy Pruitt talking like a head coach, Todd Gurley's silver lining, and an open letter rant to Greg McGarity about Georgia Tech.

DGP 88: Happy Thoughts Edition

This week, I wax Dawg Poetic about UGA and AU being much more similar than you'd think, Richt and Malzahn being basically the same coach, and how it's so weird to play Auburn at Sanford Stadium in an year that ends in an even number.

DGP 87: Still Angry Edition

Look, if you came here wanting to listen to anything other than me ranting, it ain't the episode for you. I offer no valuable insight whatsoever, and instead I just lose my mind for about 20 minutes.

The Dawg Gone Podcast Show 86 is ready and is overwhelmed by memes.

This week, I wax Dawg Poetic about is why the NCAA is a bunch of self-righteous thugs, how UGA is a much better team than Florida on paper, and why I shudder every time I see a Will Muschamp internet meme.

DGP 85: Speak No Evil Edition

When I was thinking about what I should wax Dawg Poetic about this week, I really had a hard time coming up with ideas. I mean if Georgia's football program is anything, it's certainly dull and eventless.

DGP 84: Reverse Psychology Edition

This week, I wax as much Dawg Poetic as I can, covering everything from how our QB situation is truly no-win, why I lament our second trip to Columbia this year, and why do we always run our best trick plays against Vanderbilt?

DGP 83: Support Houston Maple Edition

This week on the Dawg Gone Podcast, I wax some Dawg Poetic about Hutson's patience, Richt's urgency, and why us complaining about UGA's passing game is a lot like winning $10 million in the lottery instead of $17 million.

DGP 82: Don't Trust Las Vegas Edition

This week, I wax my own Dawg Poetic about why Vegas is wrong about UGA this weekend, how Georgia and Tennessee's defenses are bizarro twins, and how Tennessee is like a guy at your house party with no shirt and wants to do a whole bunch of shots.

DGP 80: Ghost of Erk Edition

In this episode, I wax Dawg Poetic about how Twitter will help us win on Saturday, how we're actually not going to win on Saturday, and how we may be able to win on Saturday if Jeremy Pruitt can summon the Ghost of Erk Russell.

DGP 79: Channel Your Munson Edition

In this episode, I wax Dawg Poetic about tempered expectations, bottled optimism, and the healing power of Todd Gurley's tears. The good news is that it's a shorter show and it's all good news....for once.

DGP 78: Victory Lap Edition

In this episode, I think it's time we finally had a chat about how much Todd Grantham sucked, how excited I am about this year's team, and why sometimes, it's just better to know when to quit.

DGP 77: Be Thankful for HATE Edition

To celebrate Clean, Old-Fashioned Hate Week, we brought a familiar voice back to us for an episode. The Mayor himself, T. Kyle King, joins me and we wax Dawg Poetic about Aaron Murray, assistant coaches, and hating Georgia Tech.

DGP 76: Still Doesn't Want to Talk About It

In this episode, I wax Dawg Poetic about the most popular open letter in the blogosphere, why Todd Grantham drives me so crazy, and why we don't need to worry at all about Kentucky this weekend (hint: they can't score).

DGP 75: Pure Pessimism Edition

I wax Dawg Poetic about how we can beat Auburn, and I throw some great stats at you that makes you think we have a puncher's chance. Then, I yank the rug right out from under you at the end. I have fully embraced the pessimism.

DGP 74: 3 Points Instead of 30 Edition

In this solo episode, I wax Dawg Poetic as I ponder why we only won by three instead of 30, who might be at fault because of that, and why Aaron Murray could very well be the best thing to happen to Georgia in quite some time.

DGP 73: Hate Thy Neighbor Edition

This week, Chuck aka chuckdawg and I wax Dawg poetic about mental preparedness, punching teams in the mouth, and why it's important to win three in a row. BONUS: New Howard Mix for your listening pleasure.

__GP 72: Where's The "D?" Edition

Due to having some extra real-life work this week, I'm flying solo. That means I am waxing Dawg Poetic about the Missouri game, the missing Defense, and why there's still hope for a great season (hint: rivalries matter).

DGP Show 70: Glass Case of Emotion Edition

we brought Chuck aka Chuckdawg on the podcast this week to wax Dawg Poetic about heart, grit, optimism, and beating the Missouri Tigers.

DGP 70: Sorry Not Sorry Edition

To celebrate the LSU victory, I brought Macondawg on the show this week and we waxed Dawg Poetic about how big the LSU win was, how important the Tennessee game is, and why the future looks very bright if a win in Knoxville comes to pass.

DGP 69: Slightly Pessimistic Edition

Yes, I said pessimistic. Some could say it feels downright "Munson-esque." This week, I wax Dawg Poetic about why we're not only trying to beat LSU, but also trying to create some history in the process.

DGP 68: Good to Be Back Edition

Hello again, kids! It's great to have a podcast to once again post up. After quite the delay in recovering some items taken from me in my recent burglary, I've finally got enough equipment back to put out a very, very rusty podcast.

DGP 67: 1 Beer 1 Dawg Edition

Not very many folks are lucky enough to have friends ready to keep the party going once someone crashes it by stealing all your podcasting equipment. However, I'm one of those folks, and the friends are the guys from 1 Beer 1 Song.

DGP 66: "Fighting" Words with T. Kyle King

Good 'morrow! The Dawg Gone Podcast Show 66 gets right back down to business with T. Kyle King as we landed the exclusive first interview with The Mayor before he begins his media blitz for his new book, Fighting Like Cats and Dogs.

DGP 65: The Show Less Traveled

For Show 65, Chuck and I discuss your favorite UGA sports outside of football. We cover everything from Women's Gymnastics all the way to Men's Baseball. We talk about who will be looking for work, and who will be expecting raises.

DGP 64: Goin' Old School

For the 64th episode, Chuck aka chuckdawg and I cover everything UGA football, from recruiting, to G-Day, to the NFL Draft.


Welcome, kids! In this episode of the Dawg Gone Podcast, we speak about recruiting things, say "adios King," and chat to dying dreams. For those playing at home, that's Macondawg, T. Kyle King (in his last show), and yes, Erin Murphy.

DGP 62: 100% More Real Than Te'o's Girlfriend

Chuckdawg and I discuss hard times for the basketball program, tough questions for Greg McGarity, LISTENER-SUBMITTED QUESTIONS (always my favorite), and raises for the football staff. I'd tell you more, but that's why they call them "teasers," folks.

DGP 61: Sorry Nebraska. It's not you, it's us.

In this episode of the Dawg Gone Podcast, we talk some about the bowl game against Nebraska, but we also wax Dawg Poetic about Rodney Garner leaving, who should replace him, and why can't we just throw money at UGA's problems?