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Georgia Bulldogs 15 Thoughts

15 Thoughts has no Time for Moral Victories

We won as expected. If you’re a fan of "close, but no cigar," Saturday featured some games right up your alley.

15 Thoughts Wants to Have a Word with ESPN Programming

Looking for explosive plays? Saturday in Sanford Stadium was the place to be. You missed one if you were watching at home.

15 Thoughts Just Loves Beating Any Means Necessary

If we score, we may win. If they never score, we’ll never lose. - Erk Russell

15 Thoughts Hunkered When it Mattered the Most

Georgia’s defense bowed up when the chips were down. Now, onto the most important off-season in the Kirby Smart era.

15 Thoughts Is Still Laughing

I went to bed laughing. I woke up this morning laughing. You did, too.

15 Thoughts Peeks into the Future

Chop a chicken chop a chicken ring their scrawny necks!

15 Thoughts: And a Californian (or two) Shall Lead Them

I cannot think of a better debut by a Georgia QB. That other kid from Cali is pretty good, too.

15 Thoughts is at a Crossroads of Sorts

15 Thoughts Needs the Bye

Shut up, Gary.

15 Thoughts: It was Ugly Until it was Beautiful

Georgia depth finally prevailed on Saturday, but we cannot play like this next week and expect the same result.

15 Thoughts Wonders: How do You Like Me Now?

The only thing sweeter than beating Auburn in November is avoiding the rush and beating ‘em in October

15 Thoughts has Less Than a Week to get Buttah...

On a Saturday full of upsets, we won. But we’re a bit upset...

The Brakes Burned all the Way Down Baxter Street

Recollections of a legendary bar and its owner, a historic game and a mechanically compromised school bus.

15 Thoughts Wants to Know: How are you doing?

The most important thing during all of this is us. All of us. Dawgs and non-Dawgs. Some are doing better than others. Maybe we, as a collective community, can help...even if it’s just a little bit.

15 Thoughts Went to Bed Late, Woke Up Happy

Georgia never trailed and beat a good team with the same perfectly imperfect formula that’s worked all season. 2020 is off to a very good start.

15 Thoughts: Was it Bad? Yes. Irreparable? No.

Sooner or later, flaws get exposed. Yesterday was the reckoning.

15 Thoughts: Most Saw a Rout; a Few Saw Les Misérables

Georgia completed their regular season slate by doing what they do every other year in Atlanta. We Run This State. Still, we can be so much better.

15 Thoughts is Really Trying to be Offensive

The defense is carrying the offense. It may have to for the foreseeable future.

15 Thoughts is Going to Enjoy This for a While.

Georgia is 14-6 in the last 20 meetings vs. Auburn. I hate Auburn.

15 Thoughts is Hoping Ron Courson has a Magic Whirlpool...

The health of this team headed into next week’s showdown is the biggest area of concern. The fact that last night’s injuries were to offensive players is, well, no bueno.

15 Thoughts Would Like to GO FUND a Lifetime Todd Grantham Contract. You In?

15 Thoughts Has Some...Thoughts

The first 2 1⁄2 quarters of last night’s game looked a lot like the previous four going back to last week. Once we quit repeating what wasn’t working, things began to work. Imagine that?

15 Thoughts Was Just Transported Back to 2016

There’s a lot of blame to go around. Where to begin?

15 Thoughts Loves Watching Jake Fromm Pick Apart Defenses

For a 29-point victory, this game was a grind to watch on many levels. It sure seemed closer than the final score indicated.

15 Thoughts Thinks We Need to Make a Statement in 2 Weeks...

The CFP System is largely a beauty contest. We need more than lipstick and concealer to stay hot in this pageant.

15 Thoughts Says Slow Your Worry Roll

This game wasn’t as ugly as you think. Winning is always beautiful.

15 Thoughts Just Wasn’t on its Game

I’m too damned old for 9 o’clock kickoffs. Someone bring me a prune juice and tell those kids to get off my lawn.

15 Thoughts: Championship Deferred

Well, damn. Just damn.

15 Thoughts, A Few Even Wasted on Tech...

Another year, another victory over the bugs. Here’s to another 364 day vacation.

15 Thoughts: Now it Gets Hateful

We just ate our last cupcake. There are defensive (gasp!) concerns, our offense looks increasingly dangerous, and Tech lies and cheats. Time for some GOFH.

15 Thoughts is Just a Bit Late to the Party

I have a really good excuse, too...

15 Thoughts on Winning the East, Injuries, Youth, SEC Refs and The Future

In beating Kentucky, Georgia looked (at times) like a really good football team. They’re getting there...


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