Man. Its hot


But not as hot as it will be in 78 days. GT feels the DAWG BITE.

Man, Its hot


Its even gonna be hotter in 78 days,

Happy birthday to Herschel Walker


The greatest ever hits double nickels. But he's still the greatest ever.

DAWGS AT THE 440 Foundry Pavillion


Have you ever been to a SECHC Outdoor Hockey Game? No, because this is a first! The makeup games from a few weeks ago are now scheduled for next week. Yes they are outdoors and yes, it's real ice, actually the same ice, boards and systems that you have seen in the Akins Arena. Seating is limited, contact The Classic Center for tickets. GO DAWGS!!!!!!!!

Yech at UGA IceDawgs tonight 12/2 @ Akins Arena.


Student tickets from what I understand are 2 bucks. Support our guys as they take some revenge on the FrozenJackets.

Mesmerizing Mark Richt GIF Is Mesmerizing.


Georgia won an actual football game and this was the most entertaining part of it. When a first down comes along, you must milk it.

34 days. You KNOW what that means.


We,re gonna have a special guest today.