Round Dawgs WIN on the Road!


Notre Dame Thursday at 7pm/ Part of 2010 Old Spice Classic in Orlando, FL.

If the Dec. 30 Music City Bowl can pull it off, it can pair the Dawgs with the Clemson Tigers. As...


If the Dec. 30 Music City Bowl can pull it off, it can pair the Dawgs with the Clemson Tigers. As foreseen and hoped for by Dawg Sports about two weeks ago, the first-ever December matchup between the two old rivals could be in the works. They’ve played 62 times, but have only met off-and-on for the last couple decades. . . . To increase our chances of seeing this one, let’s root for the Maryland Terrapins. A strong finish by the Terps could lure the Meineke Car Care bowl to pick them over Clemson, leaving the Tigers to likely play Georgia.

Jason Kirk walks us through the prospects for a Georgia-Clemson Music City Bowl. Go 'Dawgs!

Georgia does have the most recent slice of rivalry history on their side: They walloped the...


Georgia does have the most recent slice of rivalry history on their side: They walloped the Broncos, 48-13, to open the 2005 season. The Boise State outfit of the 2010s, of course, is a vastly different animal, but they should tread lightly: SEC teams have yet to lose a Chick-fil-A season opener, thanks in large part to the vaporized peanut oil the teams down here breathe as an oxygen supplement.

Holly Anderson offers a reassuring datum regarding the Chick-fil-A Kickoff Classic. Go 'Dawgs!

Could Chris Mayes be what the Doctor ordered for Todd Grantham's 3-4?


Could Chris Mayes be the defensive tackle we've been sorely missing this year in the first year of Todd Grantham's 3-4? Seems to have the size for it, and could even bulk up a little with his height being 6'5".

After "Runaway Lane" came the "Derek Dooley Football Song"


After "Runaway Lane" came the "Derek Dooley Football Song"

SHOCKING: Another playoff set to expand


But college football is different and special and its playoff would never, ever expand to permanently cheapen the regular season we all love so dearly...

Jim Harbaugh Most Likey Available for 2011


The consensus top pick of candidates to replace Mark Richt will most likely not return to coach the Stanford Cardinal in 2011. Greg McGarity, make this happen. The ball is in your court!

Will Georgia Open the 2011 Season Against Boise State in the Dome?


I have mixed feelings about this possibility. On the one hand, Mark Richt-coached teams typically have performed better when opening the season against quality opposition. On the other hand, when the Bulldogs have beaten out-of-conference opponents in non-rivalry games between the hedges, rematches outside of Athens haven't always ended well (Oklahoma State in Stillwater in 2009, Colorado in Boulder in 2010). On the one hand, I'd love to get out of the now-pointless series with Louisville. On the other hand, I'm not anxious to hose Ole Miss by yanking the Rebels' marquee non-conference matchup out from under them. On the one hand, the Broncos have never beaten an SEC team. On the other hand, Boise State is a program on the rise, and Georgia will head into 2011 after the worst two seasons of the Mark Richt era. Right now, we don't even know if the Bulldogs will make a bowl game this season, and, if they don't, that's a few weeks' worth of extra practices of which they will be deprived, while the Broncos likely will be coming off of back-to-back BCS bowl campaigns. At the end of the day, I would prefer it if this move didn't happen in this way at this time. I don't see the logic of playing a regular-season game in the Georgia Dome against anyone other than a traditional rival from the ACC, I don't see the urgency of rearranging everything so hurriedly rather than arranging a future matchup down the road, and I don't see how this can be squared with Greg McGarity's stated objective of scheduling more home games. In principle, I'm for this matchup; in practice, in this specific instance, I'm against it. Go 'Dawgs!

Boise State? Did I miss something?


This is the first I've heard of this. Perhaps I've just been spending too much time in the office, but this is intriguing...and also a TERRIBLE idea in my opinion if it takes place in 2011.