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You can take the Tiger fan out of Auburn . . .

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If I Were in Charge of Football

This weeks -rage- reflection notes and poem.

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The Dawgs Fans to their Team

Cherokee's Grip submits her weekly poem for the Dawgs.

Offensive Production - The New Age of Football

We like a shutdown Defense, but this writer considers it a thing of the past. And here's why.

4th Annual Goat Roast - Details & TShirt Contest

Everything you need to know about the Fourth Annual Dawg Sports Sacrificial Goat Roast & T-Shirt Contest

Oh The Techies You'll Meet!

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History Learning - UGA v Clempson '84

Nice memory post by reader and contributor Dawg Haus.

What is Sport?

A discussion of how I came to define what sports are, and where my search for definitions lead me.

The Day After: It's Morning Again in Bulldog Nation

The New and Improved DawgSports Reader Lexicon.

Georgia Bulldogs and Auburn Tigers Meet at the Intersection of Tradition and Technology: A Brief History of the Deep South's Oldest College Football Rivalry

As the Georgia Bulldogs prepare to take on the Auburn Tigers in the Deep South's oldest college football rivalry, Dawg Sports provides a history lesson concerning the 19th century origins of a 21st century feud.

The Friday Tailgate: It Was A Lot Different Back In The Day.

Too Much Information: Georgia Bulldogs v. Florida Gators

As the Georgia Bulldogs head to Jacksonville for their SEC East showdown with the Florida Gators in the World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party, Dawg Sports offers a special edition of "Too Much Information" to highlight the ways in which the Red and Black faithful can enhance their experience when taking part in the crucial college football contest from afar.