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College Football BlogPoll

Tuesday ‘Dawg Bites and Madness Takes Its Toll

Where Did the Bulldogs Rank on My BlogPoll Ballot?

After Monday night's BCS National Championship Game, no one doubts that the Alabama Crimson Tide are the No. 1 team in college football, but how does the top 25 shake out after that?

'Dawgs Dissed in BlogPoll, Praised by Tide Fans

The Georgia Bulldogs seldom have been media darlings, but the persistence of "The Narrative" even among BlogPoll voters is as inexplicable as it is inexcusable. Fortunately, fans of the Alabama Crimson Tide know better.

'Dawgs Get Their Due in This Week's BlogPoll

Where did the Georgia Bulldogs land in the final regular-season BlogPoll following their valiant effort against the Alabama Crimson Tide in the SEC Championship Game? Find out how the top 25 shook out on this week's ballot.

'Dawgs and Tide Duke It Out Anew for SEC Supremacy

Much of the national media attention surrounding this weekend's SEC Championship Game focuses on the Alabama Crimson Tide, yet the Georgia Bulldogs' proud legacy should not be overlooked.

Where Does Georgia Rank in My Top 25?

This week's college football top 25 is topheavy with SEC teams. The Notre Dame Fighting Irish are No. 1, but where do the Alabama Crimson Tide, the Florida Gators, and the Georgia Bulldogs fall in the national rankings?

I Wanted to Throw Up All Over My BlogPoll Ballot

Naturally, a new No. 1 and a new No. 2 have taken their places atop this week's college football top 25, but some of these rankings may be surprising . . . and they also may make fans of the Georgia Bulldogs want to puke.

Kansas State Tops This Week's BlogPoll Ballot

The Alabama Crimson Tide's loss on Saturday shook up the college football top 25. Which of the contenders is the new No. 1, and how does the SEC shape up now that 'Bama has been proven mortal?

BlogPoll Ballot: 'Bama is No. 1, Dadgum It!

In the end, an exciting Saturday of college football produced no upsets near the top, so where does that leave the logjam in the upper echelons of the poll rankings? Here is how one blogger believes the top 25 breaks down.

Gators Gaining Ground on 'Bama in BlogPoll

According to the voters in college football's BlogPoll, the Florida Gators are rising and the Georgia Bulldogs are sinking on the eve of the World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party. Oh, swell.

BlogPoll Ballot: At Least the Gators Aren't No. 1

Who's No. 1 in this week's college football poll rankings? By virtue of their resume, the Kansas State Wildcats occupy the top spot, with the Florida Gators snapping at their heels. Here's the rundown of the entire top 25.

BlogPoll Ballot Features Four Top Ten SEC Teams

Do four SEC teams deserve to be in the top ten of this week's college football poll rankings? As a matter of fact, the Alabama Crimson Tide, Florida Gators, LSU Tigers, and South Carolina Gamecocks all earned lofty spots in the top 25.

Three SEC Teams Battle Over No. 1 BlogPoll Ranking

The Alabama Crimson Tide, Florida Gators, and South Carolina Gamecocks all received first-place votes in this week's college football BlogPoll, while the Georgia Bulldogs dropped eight spots to No. 13.

Which SEC East Team Is the New No. 1?

A wild weekend of college football left the rankings in disarray, especially in the SEC East. Dawg Sports sorts through the carnage and compiles a resume-based top 25 . . . with a new SEC team in the No. 1 spot.

BlogPoll Ballot: SEC East Powers Surge Into Top 7

Do four Southeastern Conference teams belong in the top seven, and are three of them from the SEC East? Dawg Sports, SB Nation's Georgia Bulldogs weblog, believes so, and explains why in this week's BlogPoll college football top 25.

BlogPoll: Bulldogs Ranked Fifth, Lead SEC East

The SB Nation BlogPoll has the Georgia Bulldogs at the head of the SEC East class as college football's fifth-ranked team . . . but the South Carolina Gamecocks and the Florida Gators are lurking.

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College Football's 'one-liner of the year' far

College Football BlogPoll Ballot (Week Three): The Best USC in the Country is Not in California

The Alabama Crimson Tide are the clear No. 1 in the college football rankings, with the LSU Tigers not far behind, but how does the top 25 shake out in this week's polls? Dawg Sports offers one blogger's opinion.

Week 2 BlogPoll: Where did Georgia end up ranked?

Following a volatile weekend of college football, Dawg Sports replaced eight of the teams ranked in its top 25. Which teams made the grade on this week's BlogPoll ballot?

Week 1 Blog Poll Pegs Georgia as Nation's #8 Team

SB Nation's week one college football BlogPoll has been released. Where are the Georgia Bulldogs ranked in the top 25? Who's the new No. 1?

College Football BlogPoll Ballot (Week One): The Defending National Champions Are My New No. 1

How did the top 25 shake out after an exciting Labor Day weekend to open the 2012 college football season? Dawg Sports takes a crack at ranking the best teams in Division I-A in the BlogPoll.

2012 Preseason College Football BlogPoll Ballot: It's the SEC West's World, and We're Just Living in It

The 2012 college football season is almost upon us, so it is time for SB Nation sports bloggers to cast their preseason BlogPoll ballots. Will the Alabama Crimson Tide repeat as the BCS national champions?

2012 Post-Spring College Football BlogPoll: A Georgia Bulldogs Fan's Rebuttal

SB Nation's recently-released post-spring college football BlogPoll had the Georgia Bulldogs ranked sixth. Dawg Sports offers a rebuttal to the notion that the defending SEC East champions deserve a top ten preseason ranking.

BlogPoll Preseason College Football Top 25 Rankings: Why Limit Ourselves to Looking Ahead to 2012?

The 2011 college football season ended only a week ago, so, naturally, it's time to begin compiling pre-preseason top 25 rankings for 2012! Dawg Sports wonders, though . . . why should we limit ourselves to looking ahead only to next year?

2011 College Football Final BlogPoll Top 25: The Top Five

The 2011 college football season is over, the BCS national champion has been crowned, and Dawg Sports is counting down the top 25 on its poll ballot. Find out why Nick Saban's Alabama Crimson Tide do NOT deserve to be No. 1 in the rankings.

2011 College Football Final BlogPoll Top 25: Nos. 15 Through 6

Dawg Sports is counting down the top 25 in the final college football postseason poll, and the rankings now include Nos. 15 through 6.

2011 College Football Final BlogPoll Top 25: Nos. 25 Through 16

Having explained which college football teams didn't make the final top 25 rankings, Dawg Sports lists the 25th- through 16th-ranked teams in the final poll.

2011 College Football Final BlogPoll Top 25: The Also-Rans

Part of the process of compiling a final college football top 25 is deciding which teams not to include. Dawg Sports lists the nine teams that were considered but not included in the rankings, and explains why each failed to make the grade.

2011 College Football Final BlogPoll Top 25: The Ground Rules

The 2011 college football season has ended, and now the blogosphere begins compiling its final BlogPoll top 25 ballots . . . but, first, a few ground rules are in order.

A Belated Explanation of My Final Regular Season BlogPoll Ballot

College Football BlogPoll Ballot (Week 14): I'm Going to be More Popular in Idaho Than in Alabama This Week

College Football BlogPoll Ballot (Week 13): SEC Homer Edition

In this week's college football rankings, the LSU Tigers are No. 1 and the Alabama Crimson Tide are No. 2, but which teams make up the rest of the top 25? Dawg Sports ranks the teams on this week's BlogPoll ballot.