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First Quarter Open Thread: Let’s Go Elephant Hunting

NCAA Football: Georgia at Arkansas Brett Rojo-USA TODAY Sports

Nick Saban’s going to be on the field.

So is Stetson Bennett.

I could care less about the former’s performance, but the latter will be critical to how this game goes. The Mailman remains the only SEC starting quarterback without an interception on the season. And while Auburn and Tennessee are legitimate SEC opponents (relatively speaking), the environment in Tuscaloosa and the speed and scheme of the Tide defense will be his biggest test yet. If the moment is too big for the Prince of Pierce, we’re in trouble. If his offensive line can’t clear some space in the running game to keep the Tide defense honest, we’re toast.

Likewise, if an Alabama offense that very nearly averages a point a minute can stay on track and give Mac Jones time to throw, we’re toast. If Najee Harris can find space to run, we’re toast. There’s a lot that could go wrong in this one and a lot that needs to go right for it to end in a Bulldog victory. Tonight looks a lot like the night when we find out if this Red and Black squad is very good or in fact truly great depending on the answers to those questions.

There’s really only one way to find out. Let’s ply some football.

Go ‘Dawgs!!!