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Losing a Friend I Never Knew

Rest In Peace, Senator Blutarsky

Athens, Georgia, University of Georgia school campus, North Campus Quad, wrought iron entrance gate Photo by: Jeffrey Greenberg/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

Bulldog Nation suffered a tremendous loss on February 8th. Michael Brochstein, A.K.A. “Senator Blutarsky,” the creator and voice of “Get The Picture” - one of the longer running and perhaps best Georgia (and frankly, everything relevant to college football) blogs ever to waft through the Ether passed away after battling an illness. I don’t know the details of why he passed, but that doesn’t particularly matter now. How he lived and what he contributed on a near daily basis is what he’ll be remembered for. There is a massive hole in the heart of Dawg Nation today.

Michael, “The Senator”, or “Bluto” as he was affectionately known by many, consistently put out some of the best content anywhere on the web, and I mean anywhere. For many of you, he was one of, if not THE first stop of the morning when perusing the web. I typically arrive at work before 7 A.M., and my first hour or so is the most productive of my work day. No distractions. About 8 or so, I allowed myself the welcome distraction of reading his latest discord on anything relevant to UGA, his pot-shots at Florida or Auburn, or anything/anyone that needed pot-shotting. His prolific contributions were intelligent, but never high-brow and always of the highest quality. The stuff he consistently contributed for all to read sparked some of the best commenting from his loyal fanbase anywhere. In other words, come for Bluto’s content, stay for the comments.

I never met Michael, but certainly felt like I knew him. On occasion, he even linked some of my drivel on his blog and that made me proud. He didn’t have to do that, but I thank him for it and I will miss him like a friend I never knew. It is a very sad day today. RIP, Senator Blutarsky. Thank you for what you did for us all over the last 17 years.