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Bulldog Staff Makes A Statement On First Day Of Recruiting Contact Period

Air Ambulance Helicopter
Kirby comin’.
photo by Andrew Aitchison / In pictures via Getty Images

Friday was the first day of the post-holiday contact period for college football recruiting. And if you spent any time on social media you may have noticed a pattern emerging.

Kirby Smart and his assistants all hit the road on the first day of the contact period and as is their tradition the 24 hours were spent traversing the Peach State from Valdosta:

To Cartersville:

And a lot of places in between. In total, if I’m counting correctly, Bulldog assistants checked in on Twitter or were spotted at 75+ high schools around Georgia today. That’s not even an exhaustive list, as I’m told that defensive line coach Tray Scott stopped in at Upson-Lee in Thomaston and Mary Persons in Forsyth without posting it.

What’s up with the Peach State perambulation? A couple of things. For one it’s a lot easier to cover a lot of ground in a hurry if you stay close to home. But mostly it’s become the staff’s way of reasserting their dominance across their home state.

Only 9 of the Dawgs’ 28 recruits in the 2024 class hailed from the Empire State of the South. When you’re the two-time defending national champions you can get an invite to any high school and recruit’s living room in America. And Kirby Smart has taken advantage of that to pluck key players like Brock Bowers, Kendall Milton, Kelee Ringo and Darnell Washington from clear across the country.

But their focus will remain on the state of Georgia. The Red and Black have six pledges so far for 2025 and all are from the Peach State. That nucleus of homegrown talent will be a key part of sustaining the Bulldog Dynasty. Until later….

Go ‘Dawgs!!!