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Chapel Bell Curve: The One Where You Get Two For One!

University of Georgia Campus Photo by John Powell/Replay Photos via Getty Images

Chapel Bell Curve is back, looking in the rear view at the UT-Martin game in one episode and forward to the Ball State Cardinals in another. It’s a Bogo deal at the podcast store. Who can resist that? In the UT-Martin review you’ll hear:

* The harrowing tale of Nathan narrowly avoiding battle hymn solo disaster.

* The story of Yara metaphorically fighting the law, and winning.

* Why it’s a little early to take too many lessons from a game that was basically the 2022 Kent State game, only without any big games in front of it.

In the Ball State preview the you’ll catch:

* The team breaking their vow not to make any ball jokes about Ball State within three minutes. I can’t blame them. It basically had to be done.

* The story of the fabulous Ball Brothers, and their majestic bearings.

* Some more of Justin’s AI-generated mascot fan fiction, which isn’t much less unsettling than last week.

* The tale of semi-itinerant Ball State football coach Mike Neu.

* Toucans have teeth, apparently. That doesn’t really involve Ball State football, but it comes up in this episode and I haven’t been able to shake it ever since.

* Exactly how big the gap between the Cardinals’ offensive line and the Bulldog unit is.

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Until later…

Go ‘Dawgs!!!