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The Friday Tailgate Is Ballin’ Out

Syndication: The Columbus Dispatch Adam Cairns/Columbus Dispatch / USA TODAY NETWORK

Welcome to the Friday Tailgate, that thing you do on Friday afternoon while your boss thinks you’re busy working. Don’t worry, she’s probably reading it too. Maestro, the music:

About Last Night…..

There was only one Thursday night college football game this week. In that game Louisville thrashed Murray State 56-0. This is significantly less relevant to Bulldog fans and less entertaining than watching Utah slowly bludgeon every last one of Billy Napier’s dreams individually with a jagged rock weighing precisely four pounds too little to do the job quickly and humanely. So we’re moving on.

Over or Under?

By now the rules of this little game of ours should be pretty clear. If you need a refresher take a look back at last week’s post. We’ll wait.

Okay great. Now that we’re all on the same page I ask you, Dawg Sports commentariat, over or under?

  1. Carson Beck will throw 2.9 touchdown passes.

2. Carson Beck will throw 0.9 interceptions.

3. Daijun Edwards will log 5.9 rushing attempts.

4. Dominick Lovett will catch 2.9 passes.

5. Arian Smith will catch 2.9 passes.

6. CJ Allen will have 4.9 total tackles.

7. Georgia will snag 1.9 turnovers.

8. Ball State’s Marquez Cooper will rush for 79.9 yards.

9. Peyton Woodring will kick 1.9 field goals.

10. Jared Zirkel will kick 1.9 field goals.

11. Malaki Starks will tally 0.9 interceptions.

12. Georgia will win by 34.9 points.

Everybody play nice and feel free to use this as your catch all discussion thread for the evening’s sports and non-sports activities. Until later…

Go ‘Dawgs!!!