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Second Half Open Thread

NCAA Football: Georgia at Auburn John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

It was a tale of two quarters in Auburn, where the Bulldogs made a series of costly errors in the first quarter before coming up with a series of clutch plays on both sides of the ball in the second. The result is a 10-10 game at the intermission that could have been a great deal worse.

Perhaps the stat of the game so far is that Auburn currently leads Georgia in rushing yards by a wide margin, 145 to 68. But the stat within the stat is that if you back out Peyton Thorne’s 61 yard scamper on a designed QB keeper the Tigers have 81 yards on 26 Carrie’s, a much more pedestrian 3.23 yards per catch. Georgia is generally winning up front, but hasn’t taken full advantage.

There have also been a couple of costly officiating issues. One was a throw by Thorne for a first down after he crossed the line of scrimmage. There was also a 3rd down play on which Auburn looked to have a twelfth defensively player who didn’t get off the field which should have moved Georgia closer in the red zone. But this stuff seems to always happen when you go to Auburn. The place is home to a weird malevolent voodoo. What are you going to do?

The Bulldogs will get the ball coming out of the locker room with the chance to seize control of this one. Auburn hasn’t been a great second half team, and it looked like the UGA offense may be finding a rhythm with Daijun Edwards in the backfield. The Red and Black remain a couple of mistakes away from disaster, but they’re also a couple of adjustments away from opening this one up.

Go ‘Dawgs!!!