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Thursday Dawg Bites Is Running Through It

UAB v Georgia Photo by Steve Limentani/ISI Photos/Getty Images

Welcome to Thursday Dawg Bites, where there’s the good sense to not throw yourself a ticker tape parade for a regular-season championship.

What will Georgia’s stable of running backs look like on Saturday at Auburn? Try what the rotation was last week against UAB. It was then that Daijun Edwards got a bulk of the work with a dose of Cash Jones and Dillon Bell mixed in.

With Kendall Milton banged up, the smart call would be for it to be similar to a week ago, a look that also included Andrew Paul. In short, a lot will be learned about Georgia’s run game against an Auburn defense that’s a lot more intact than its offense, though that also says a lot about that side of the ball on The Plains.

There’s an expectation that this Georgia offense should simply pick up where it was at last January against TCU. That’s not going to happen, and as has been pointed out as the season has gone on, this offense is looking for its identity, and that challenge becomes greater without multiple faces that Mike Bobo likely was counting on a few months ago.

Speaking of mounting injuries..

Will he or won’t he? Kirby Smart is not going to straight-up say if Ladd McConkey is playing on Saturday, but there are at least signs that things could be trending toward a better chance than a week ago.

No longer a fixture on the Georgia broadcast on the sidelines, here’s some of what Loran Smith has (aka, ‘Loran, whaddaya got?!’) - reflections back in Georgia sports history.

Here, he takes a look back as someone once beloved and later reviled in the Deep South’s Oldest Football Rivalry from Georgia’s standpoint - Pat Dye.

Go Dawgs!