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Monday Dawg Bites Has A Song On Its Lips And Hate In Its Heart

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: OCT 08 Auburn at Georgia Photo by Brandon Sloter/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Maestro, the theme music for the week:

I hate Auburn. Though I guess I might hate them more if I didn’t pity them so much. And to be clear, a lot of Auburn grads and fans are wonderful people who give generously to charity and pass out blankets and hot soup at the homeless shelter whenever they get the chance. I don’t hate them personally.

I do hate the institution though. I hate the water hoses and the tipped passes and the hypocrisy and Cam Newton’s smirking visage and all the falling bassackwards into glory. Georgia has won six in a row over the Plainsmen and nine of ten. And I’d like to beat the WarPlainsTigerKidsWhoDon’tReadSoGood a hundred more. Hopefully that starts this week.

The Red and Black open as a 17.5 point favorite, which doesn’t feel wholly unreasonable to me. Auburn has some speed and size on defense but is far from putting things together offensively. I’m a little worried about tackling Jarquez Hunter. But all in all Auburn is a long way from contending in the SEC.

This one could be a lot more worrisome than it otherwise would be due to the ongoing epidemic of injuries in Athens. Heck, I heard Intro to Statistics has been cancelled 15% of the time so far this semester because of Professor Gesser’s gout acting up. But there is some good news, as it turns out leading pass rusher Mykel Williams, absent for the UAB game, is merely gettin g over illness and should be back against Auburn.

And it’s not like the only news lately is that Georgia is losing players from the active roster. We’re also losing players who aren’t even on the roster. For example Colquitt County receiver Ny Carr, who decommitted from the Dawgs Sunday night. Carr is the #24 receiver in the country in the 247Sports rankings, so the loss hurts. But there are a couple of other highly ranked receivers who have been linked to the Athenians of late, and you never count Kirby Smart out of the recruiting trail. I expect the Bulldogs to fill that spot by Signing Day in December.

Have a fantastic Monday morning and remember, Auburn and McDonald’s are a lot alike. Both owe their continued existence to a guy who enjoys clowning around in a yellow suit. Until later…

Go ‘Dawgs!!!