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Cocktail Thursday: UAB Edition

old fashioned

Are your Georgia Bulldogs still trying to put together a complete game while at the same time hoping to have enough healthy bodies just to make it to SEC play? You could probably use a drink. I can help you with that.

I would love to see the Red and Black come out and dominate from the opening whistle in a 52-0 shellacking of the Blazers. Unless it also involves losing any more key contributors to injury. I would rather Troy out a team of walk-ons and student trainers at this point than be even less healthy next week when the ‘Dawgs head to Auburn. We’re already black and blue, before we even play the Blazers.

And what’s the cocktail for playing the Blazers while banged up and bruised? A Blue Blazer.

This one is a good bit more exciting than I hope the actual game will be. For starters, there’s fire. If you’re not an experienced bartender, or if you live in a dynamite factory, you should probably stop here. But if you’re adventurous and you’ve paid your home insurance premiums, read on.

This recipe makes two servings, which is good, because the more times you go through the procedure the greater the odds of injury or property damage. You’ll need:

* 4 ounces of cask-strength Scotch whiskey. “Cask strength” simply means that it hasn’t been diluted down with water. It is, in essence, whiskey straight from the barrel (or cask). Cask strength whiskeys come in different proofs, because there are a million variables in how each is made. But on average you’re looking for something above 100 proof.

* 2 teaspoons Demerara sugar or raw sugar (turbinado or “Sugar in the Raw)

* 3 ounces boiling water (plus more boiling water to heat mugs), and

* Lemon twists for garnish.

Now let’s kick the tires and light the fires. First, clear anything flammable out of your work area. I think you can understand why this is step one, right? It’s not like you went to Auburn.

Next warm two glass mugs* with the boiling water, discarding water before adding the cocktail mixture. You’ll probably want to put down a damp towel to soak up any potential spills. A fire extinguisher ain’t a bad idea, either.

Next, add the scotch, sugar and boiling water to one mug and carefully ignite with a long match. Then quickly but very carefully pour the flaming liquid back and forth from mug to mug at least four times. Don’t set your home or arm hair on fire.

Divide the drink mixture evenly between the two mugs and extinguish the flames by covering the mugs with something non-flammable (you can usually just place the bottom of one mug over the top of the other and then reverse the operation). Finish by garnishing each mug with a lemon twist. Enjoy. And…

Go ‘Dawgs!!!

* There is actually a mug made specifically for this drink called a “blazer mug.” I don’t know anyone who actually owns a set, and I don’t really think they’re necessary. But glass as a material is non-negotiable.