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Chapel Bell Curve: The One Where Trent Dilfer Is Mistaken For Ernest Hemingway

Syndication: Online Athens Kayla Renie / USA TODAY NETWORK

Yara, Justin, and Nathan are back on the mics and ready to preview the UAB Blazers, a curiously sympathetic and plucky group who we nevertheless want to beat the bejeebers out of. What can I say, life is full of contradictions. Not unlike this episode. A few highlights:

* To be clear, this is an anti-violence podcast, all evidence to the contrary, and all references to burning down a college football coach’s house are strictly artistic.

* The Nepobaby who tried (and failed) to kill UAB football.

* Trent Dilfer: “Odd for several reasons.”

* Zeno: Warrior Prince/UAB quarterback.

* The continuing adventures of Peepaw Bobo, raconteur, aesthete, and above average play caller.

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Until later…

Go ‘Dawgs!!!