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Your Week 4 College Football TV Schedule

A Jimbo and two scumbags walk into a stadium...

University of Georgia vs Mississippi State University Set Number: X161407 TK1

Across most of the country, the annual college football cupcake feast is coming to an end. This weekend brings us a handful of ranked on ranked contests and at least one real marquee matchup (depending upon any regional allegiances you might hold). Your #1 Georgia Bulldogs will, of course, be at home for the fourth week in a row, taking on the UAB Blazers. During that time slot there are probably a least a couple of contests you’ll want to take a peek at before heading back to the Dawgs.

So break out your spare TVs or get that channel-flipping finger stretched out, because here we go...

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Thursday night starts off the weekend as a bit of a wash. There is some local interest, I suppose, in the Georgia State Panthers visiting the Chanticleers of Coastal Carolina. After all, they do have two more wins over FBS opponents than the other team out of Atlanta. Friday is marginally better, with watchable games between the Wisconsin Badgers and Purdue Boilermakers and between the NC State Wolfpack and the hapless Virginia Cavaliers.

At noon on Saturday, things truly get rolling. The matchup between #4 FSU and Clemson has perhaps lost a bit of its luster, but it’s still a big deal game in the ACC. I’m sure the Tigers would like to slow FSU’s apparent ascendancy and, to be honest, I think I’d be ok with that too. Additionally, we have Texas A&M facing off against Auburn. Friend, I’ll tell you right now, if you aren’t interested in seeing what happens when Jimbo Fisher, Bobby Petrino, and Hugh Freeze are all on the same field at the same time, we probably have very little in common.

In the 3:30 slot, we have a trio of Top 25 tilts. Deion Sanders and #19 Colorado play their first real team of the season in the #10 Oregon Ducks, the #15 Ole Miss Rebels attempt to further test the vulnerabilities of #13 Alabama, and #22 UCLA travels to #11 Utah.

In the evening, you’ll certainly be watching the Georgia/UAB game, but you’ll probably also want to check in on #6 Ohio State and #9 Notre Dame. Beyond that, you can also take a look at #7 Penn State at #24 Iowa or #14 Oregon State at #21 Washington State. Then, finally, cap the night off with a return to the heyday of Pac-12 After Dark as the #5 USC Trojans visit Arizona State and the Cal Bears attempt to knock off the #8 Washington Huskies.

That’s all for now, folks. Enjoy the rest of your week and get ready for a great weekend of college football.

Until later.