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Second Half Open Thread

UT Martin v Georgia Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images

Well that was…..underwhelming.

Georgia leads the Skyhawks of UT-Martin 17-0, but somehow it feels like less, and also like it should be a good bit more. The Red and Black were actually outgained in the first quarter, and had some busts on both sides of the ball. Mike Bobo has so far called things very close to the vest. However newly minted starter Carson Beck hadn’t executed that vanilla game plan as well as you’d like (14 of 21 passing for 134 yards), throwing some balls behind receivers and seemingly not being 100% on the same page as his receivers.

There have been a couple of head-scratching calls (the first down run between the tackles on that final drive being one). But mostly I chalk the clunkiness on offense up to new personnel and a new season, not any Bobo-related shenanigans that should give you flashbacks.

Some of that may be related to Ladd McConkey and Marcus Rosemy-Jacksaint not playing. Than goodness for the Napa Nightmare Brock Bowers (5 catches for 77 yards and a rushing touchdown).

The Bulldogs will get the ball in the second half with the chance to announce their dominance anew against a Skyhawk team that hasn’t backed down an inch.

Go ‘Dawgs!!!