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Afternoon Open Thread: ACC power Cal-Berkeley to defend conference honor in …Denton, Texas

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: SEP 25 Cal at Washington
This is a dog. Not a Dawg.
Photo by Jacob Snow/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

By now we’re well into the unfolding majesty of the first full Saturday of college football season. The afternoon appetizers before the Bulldogs take the field this evening at 6:00 aren’t terribly compelling, at least on paper. But there should be some pretty solid football played, and you get to watch it live and in color. God bless America.

The most interesting matchup of the mid-afternoon is probably the #10 Washington/Boise State tilt at 3:30 on ABC. There’s also Auburn hosting 1-0 UMass (man, that sounds weird) on ESPN. I expect the Plainsmen to win that one, even if by hiring Hugh Freeze they’ve already lost.

#3 Ohio State travels to Indiana (CBS) in a game the Buckeyes shouldn’t struggle with, he said in an attempt to bait the fates into making that precise thing happen. You can also catch ACC power Cal (again, things have gotten really weird in college football) traveling to Denton to take on North Texas on ESPNU at 4:00.

We’ll be back shortly with the thread for the game that matters most on this Saturday, the one featuring the defending Ohio Valley Conference UT-Martin Skyhawks. Until then…

Go ‘Dawgs!!!