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Around the SEC Doesn’t Call Meaningless Timeouts

NCAA Football: Tennessee at Florida Kim Klement Neitzel-USA TODAY Sports

It’s week 4 and the sky is falling! Now, am I talking about UGA, or any number of other SEC programs? The reality is, it’s not time to panic (yet) about Georgia. There is room for improvement, sure, but there isn’t a team that looks THAT great to start the season. We just need to keep improving and taking care of business. Other teams in the conference, though, should be panicking. Let’s check-in on everyone.

Here’s what’s happening around the SEC.

  • Alabama has named Jalen Milroe its starting quarterback once again after uninspiring performances by both Tyler Buchner and Ty Simpson against USF. The game on Saturday against Ole Miss will be a good litmus test for how the rest of 2023 will go for the Tide.
  • Three Florida players and one Tennessee player were suspended following the brawl at the conclusion of the Gators’ victory over the Vols. Seriously, Josh Heupel, why would you ever, ever call that timeout at the end of the game except for being petty and trying to get kids hurt. “That’s a clown move, bro.” – Bryce Harper, probably.
  • LSU safety Greg Brooks is out indefinitely after a medical emergency. Thoughts and prayers are with him and his family.