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Tuesday Morning ‘Dawg Bites Is Okay Being The Quietest #1 Team In The Nation

Ball State v Georgia Photo by Brandon Sloter/Image Of Sport/Getty Images

You’re riding a 20 game winning streak. You have a longer winning streak at home. Many have anointed you as the next dynasty, supplanting the greatest coach in college football history. You’ve consistently reloaded and have the #1 recruiting class even for next season. You’ve been able to make serious capital project improvements to facilities. Yet 3 uninspiring results later, you’re still not the center of attention. Because all of the other contenders are apparently forgetting practice reps and doing the unexpected each Saturday. And I’m okay with that. If we continue the small sample size of production results, but escape unscathed, the focus will squarely center on Athens in due time. So let’s all take a breath, and just chop the wood in front of us.

The game time and broadcast partner for the Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry has been announced. You are forgiven if you’re wondering why they are announcing game times for a late November contest in the middle of September. You are also forgiven for not remembering Auburn is next week.

Last week I thought the intrepid young (and maybe full-grown ass adults too?) reporters at the Red and Black graded the Bulldogs pretty favorably. So what will the losing-at-halftime and only-10-point-margin-against-a-triage-unit team give us? I have to say I was surprised. I still love the feature.

I simply can’t keep track of the offensive line players during the game. The substitutions, mostly during change of possessions, are too much for my wee little brain. Many are saying the O-line played better after Amarius Mims was injured and Xavier Truss was plugged in. Whatever the case, it looks like Stacey Searles will have to do without the services of Mims as he undergoes “minor” surgery. And Ladd McConkey is in that “no timetable” state of injury rehab. We might not see him until someone changes the clocks.

And not everyone was down on the Bulldog Big Uglies Up Front. In fact, the folks who evaluate such things named Van Pran the SEC Offensive Linemen of the Week. When Sedrick goes to Waffle House, he orders the pancakes. And I ain’t gonna argue.

Per the lack of downfield passing game and lack of RTDB: Is it the play-calling? Is it the quarterback? Is it the injuries? While we count our licks to the center of our metaphorical Tootsie Pop, Coach Kirby Smart has apparently eliminated the first option. Monday he emphasized that Georgia is utilizing the short-passing game to compensate for a beat-up running back room. I’m going to take a leap and guess not everyone is going to agree here.

In former Bulldog coaching news, DavetheDawg can retract his mea culpa. He had it right the first time. Like congress-people humiliating themselves but never taking ownership, we all knew this was coming.

But to end on a positive note, there are some Volunteer fans who now admit they should probably stop the presses on the 2023 national championship coffee table book. The comments are pretty common-sense too. I don’t think any of these folks have Twitter.

I haven’t been paying attention to the SEC Shorts folks of late. The bits haven’t played out (thanks to the SEC for always providing fresh #content) yet, and this one was like a good bowl of matzah-ball soup - never the star of the menu but always a good choice.

That’s all I’ve got for you good folks. Feel free to drop any news I missed in the comments, and as always...