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15 Thoughts Wasn’t Exactly Calm, Cool and Collected...

Is this team playoff caliber? Not for a half of football they weren’t.

South Carolina v Georgia Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images

Of all the games I’ve witnessed in all the years of watching Georgia Football, that certainly was one of them. Ultimately, we prevailed in the end and faced the kind adversity that Kirby Smart knew was coming, sooner or later. We have work to do.

Meme avoidance.

1. Literally from the opening kickoff this game had the same same uneasy vibe that the 2019 South Carolina game had when the ‘Cocks beat us on a listless, lifeless early start in a hot Sanford Stadium. The worst possible way to start a game, short of giving up a long return and/or touchdown, is kicking the ball out of bounds and setting up their offense only 15 yards short of midfield while adding some juice to a team that was already jacked. We came out flat and unfocused, Carolina showed up with a plan that included bad intent and it nearly cost us.

2. Spencer Rattler deserves a lot of credit and I wish him much success the rest of the season and beyond. This kid might be the best QB we will face all year. I’m not even going to suggest “until the playoffs” because we’ve got a lot of growing up to do betwixt now and the “postseason.” Rattler’s scoring pass to Antwane “Juice” Wells was a great design and took advantage of a blitz. We also didn’t tackle. If Wells doesn’t go down with a broken bone in his foot on that play (weird as heck injury, too), how much trouble are win in for the rest of the day?

3. Our initial drive was a good response until we got inside to the Carolina 14 where play calling was suspect and execution was an exercise in “how not to play football.” This lack of first quarter scoring is a trend that must be addressed. More on that in a bit.

4. Carson Beck is obviously still learning on the job. Three games in, he’s still got much to figure out. Carson didn’t play poorly and avoided turning the ball over on a day when a single pick could’ve been calamitous. But on the opening drive, Beck had a wide open Dillon Bell down the right sideline and didn’t see him. I’m sure the game film will reveal other missed opportunities, but that one stood out early. I have no problem with his arm talent and moxie, but time is running out before we get into the heart of the SEC slate.

4a. The fact we didn't fumble on that wet field is a minor miracle. They didn't run the ball enough to fumble.

5. The Dawgs only had 4 offensive possessions in the first half with two long drives of 62 yards and 72 yards that only netted 3 points. I loathe what the rules committee have done regarding no clock stoppage after a first down, unless it’s inside of 2 minutes. The extra time that is being taken away from the game is only fueling the ability for Madison Avenue to shove more commercials down our throat. This has nothing to do with speeding up the game. Our sport is slowly being packaged to reflect the NFL model. You can have 8 NFL games start at 1:00 P.M. and they’ll all end pretty much right at 4:00 P.M. by design. I believe the TV power brokers are the puppet masters here and are dictating how the game is played and for how long. They are manipulating time. I don’t believe they’re done tweaking things, either.

6. Back to the offensively offensive slow starts after 3 weeks of football. This will eventually get us beat. The first quarter of football has been horrendous through 3 games in which we have 10 total points to show for it. At some point we are going to get into a shootin’ match.

Is it play calling? There are plays to be made to be sure. Is it all the transfer guys learning the play book? That’s probably part of it. But the team admitted they were sleep walking coming out of gate. Go to bed earlier, then.


7. A lot of blame to go around in all three phases in the first half yesterday. I’m a bit worried about Jamon Dumas-Johnson as he struggled early. We are missing Javon Bullard, big time. There was a lot of confusion in the secondary, particularly at the other safety spot not being played by Malaki Starks, who continues to shine.

Nice stick, #3.

8. Despite everything that did (or, didn’t) occur in the first half I am proud of how the team responded after halftime. I doubt the scene in the locker room wasn’t totally serene, but a calmness prevailed by all accounts. Whatever was communicated, the players responded, and a sense of urgency returned as Georgia essentially controlled the clock and the game, especially in the 3rd quarter. The defense shut out the ‘Cocks and made life hell for Rattler. Carolina did themselves no favors with quite a few penalties.

“We talk about our four DNA traits. When things get tough, that’s what you do. You rely on your DNA traits. I was pretty excited at half because I said, ‘We’re going to find out what kind of team we got. This is it, right here. This is our moment.’” - Kirby Smart at halftime

No panic?

“It was all become calm, cool and collective.” - Dillon Bell on the halftime speech

9. I don’t know when Ladd McConkey will return, but the chemistry between Carson Beck and the transfers is essential. Perhaps we are beginning to witness this. Rara Thomas is getting more involved, with 2 catches/42 yards. Dom Lovett had 7 receptions for 56 yards. These guys are obviously still learning the playbook, but are becoming increasingly involved and that bodes well going forward.

10. Brock Bowers, who has been dealing with a hamstring issue, had the gutsiest performance of anyone; perhaps of his Georgia career. He blocked, he broke tackles, he caught 7 passes and could’ve scored on an overthrow where he had his man beat down the ‘Sakerlina sideline. Bowers was covered by an extra man throughout the day and his numbers were nowhere near what he had last year. If he’s garnering all that attention, someone else has got to be open, right?

11. Welcome back, Daijun Edwards. He’s the Player of the Game, in my opinion and the opinion of others. On the day, #30 had 20 carries for 118 yards and a score. Edwards has the wiggle you’ve got to have and he is such a tough runner between the tackles, rarely gong backwards, and never giving up after contact. He’s made his way back after suffering a knee sprain in camp and was sporting a brace. It didn’t seem to limit him. Stay healthy, dude. Please

11a. Cash Jones is quickly becoming a fan favorite as well, for good reason. He’s got good vision and some deceptive “quicks.” He can also catch the ball and maximizes his opportunities.

12. Amarius Mims went down with an ankle sprain and we can ill-afford to lose him but those are tough injuries to recover from. Xavier Truss replaced Mims at right tackle and did well. The offensive line is currently an experiment in musical chairs. These guys are moving from position to position in every game. At times on different snaps, or so it seems. Stacy Searels has got his work cut out for him. Having said that, the offensive line was probably the key in winning this game.

13. Now that Tykee Smith is healthy he is showing everyone why he was an All-American at West Virginia. He’s a sure tackler, is great in coverage and is instinctive. He reacts quickly and decisively. The pick at the end of the game was absolutely deserved. Smith had 5 tackles and 4 solo.

Georgia’s pass rush accounted for 3 sacks of Rattler and forced him into 2 interceptions (Dan Jackson got a pick) and never let him set his feet for the majority of 2nd half snaps.

13a. Mykel Williams played a great game.

14. Brett Thorson and kick coverage were the special teams bright spots. Thorson punted 3 times and generally did his job, pinning South Carolina deep. The only kick return Carolina had only netted 15 yards. Peyton Woodring has a crisis of confidence right now. I’m not about to pile on to him because he and everyone else knows the deal. But this has got to improve. His misses weren’t close at all and that is disconcerting.

15. This Georgia team has a lot of warts. It also has a lot of talent. We are so banged up right now across the board that that comfort level we felt regarding our depth is now teetering. Some things are going to have to happen if we are to sniff the playoffs. Carson Beck is going to have to be willing to let it rip down the field. With the amount of speed on the outside we possess there is no reason why, unless the playbook is that difficult. I’m not as worried about the defense - not after seeing how quickly they can adjust. I’m worried about executing on offense. We absolutely should have buried Carolina in the 4th quarter. They were gassed on defense and we have unacceptable holding calls that nullified a key 4th down conversion. The 4th and 1 sweep to Dillon Bell was something I, you and Stevie Wonder could see coming a mile away.

Okay, So this post was largely critical and perhaps a bit harsh. But make no mistake, I am very proud of how the team responded and ultimately took control of a game. We are still in the midst of a glorious run and my biggest takeaway from yesterday is this: We faced real adversity and came through. We have a real chance to improve because the game film will reveal some things that can be worked on. Every year, we have a game like this. We’ll no doubt have another one. Let’s see how we respond.

UAB next Saturday in prime time (7:30) is next.

There is much work to do. In Kirby We Trust.


  • I don’t care about touchdowns, tackles for loss, yards after catch, margin of victory or any of what transpired yesterday between actual teams. This, my friends, is the Play-of-the-Day/Week/Year. Dude stuck the landing, too. The only thing that would have made this better is if he was wearing Underoos.
  • I missed the Colorado State vs. Colorado 2nd half last night. I just couldn’t hang because I’m old and, honestly, only have the capacity to give a toot about one team and they are currently draining the life out of me. Having said that, I understand there were at least 6 felonies committed during that game. Hope Travis Hunter is okay.
  • The Meteor Game in The Swamp last night had it all, including a totally flummoxed Tennessee Vol squad that just made Billy Napier’s Gators look like world beaters. This game was poorly officiated. I understand Josh Heupel’s frustration when the official kicked the ball, allowing Florida to substitute on a critical 4th down situation in which UT failed to convert. The decision to not let Florida run the clock out, inciting a brawl is totally classless. The worst part? I’m actually siding with Florida on this one. I might barf.
  • Joe Milton is going to get benched for the freshman-in-waiting, sooner than later.
  • Dude, shut up. It wasn’t even raining.
  • Great effort here by UT #5. Not sure I agree with the conspiracy theory part...

  • Alabama looked good yesterday, didn’t they? If South Florida had any kind of offensive pulse, they probably win that game. And Bama’s issues are not just quarterback related. You hate to see it.

That’s all I’ve got. See you soon

As Always, GO DAWGS!