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Let The Big Dawg Speak: Coach Smart Lauds Team’s Resilience

Syndication: Online Athens Joshua L. Jones / USA TODAY NETWORK

Kirby Smart met the media this evening to talk about Georgia’s 24-14 win over South Carolina.

*What he told the team at halftime. Well, at least some of it.

*The difference between the run game and “the run game people don’t recognize” and how both played a part in the second half comeback.

* A bit of an update on Amarius Mims’ ankle, Javon Bullard’s status, and what doesn’t sound like hopeful news on Ladd McConkey.

* Kirby’s thoughts on the current state of the kicking game.It sounds like he was as surprised as you by the missed field goals.

* A specific evaluation of Carson Beck’s day and a general survey of where he stands so far as the leader of the Bulldog offense.

* Some frank talk about expectations and “playing three average first halves.”

* The life lesson everyone can learn from Cash Jones.

* Would Kirby compare this game to last year’s close call against Missouri?

As always our thanks to the good folks at Bulldawg Illustrated for the video.

Go ‘Dawgs!!!