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Thursday Dawg Bites Was Onsides, Too

Syndication: The Greenville News Joshua L. Jones, Athens Banner-Herald / USA TODAY NETWORK

Like most gouges of heartbreak, the sting of the most infamous offsides penalty off all time was lessened on that January night in Indianapolis.

But that’s not to say that Tyler Simmons wrongly being called offsides is still not a sore spot. No matter your connection to the Georgia program, that play always brings up a huge ‘what if.’

Count one former Georgia staffer and current South Carolina head coach Shane Beamer as one who has not forgotten about it. Unlike Ohio State, however, Georgia within its program moved past a postseason heartbreak. Yes, fans were still stewing about it the next season, but Georgia did not let something in the past beat them again, and that says a lot about how laser-focused Kirby Smart does things.

Insert your own “Shut Up, Gary!” joke here, but it’ll be the end of an era when this year ends, taking broadcasts on CBS on pasture that are not of the SEC. Like most things in college football, it will be different, and it remains to be seen if that will mean an improvement.

Danielson visited with reporters earlier this week to talk about Georgia, being accused of being pro-SEC and more...

It’ll be a while before Stetson Bennett will be even eligible to play for the Rams due to his injury status

Another week, another reminder of the steal that the Chargers got in Jamaree Salyer

Nick Saban is a big Jermaine Burton fan. All of those begs the question - if Bama fans get to say “Bama Built” in relation to any success Kirby Smart has, do Georgia fans get to say, “Georgia Built” when it comes to Jermaine Burton and AD Mitchell?

South Carolina quarterback Spencer Rattler can be up and down, and it's those flashes of high success where Rattler, even with a porous offensive line, can have success. Preventing those moments is top of mind for Georgia’s defense.

Go Dawgs!