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Tuesday Morning ‘Dawg Bites Is Not A Betting Man

UT Martin v Georgia Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images

Welcome to Tuesday, Bulldog fans! Your Georgia Bulldogs have the longest home winning streak in the nation, the longest total winning streak in the nation, and the most national championships in the last 5 years. Also more half-empty solo cups thrown at the TV per capita when Georgia is on offense than any other team. And that is a Bulldog Point of Pride.

As we march into the annual Poultry Consumption Appreciation Week, we put the “okay, that will work but you better not bring that crap when we play conference games” Ball State matchup in the rearview. Or do we?

The intrepid folks over at the Red & Black give us their weekly report card on Bulldog position groups. I like their quantitative and succinct approach. I might push back a bit on the OL and RB grading, as I think they are tied together more than is mentioned (opening up holes to the 2nd level, backs picking up blocks, etc.).

Okay, now it’s in the rear view. Looking forward, the kickoff time for the UAB game is announced, and will be broadcast on ESPN2. You wanted a night game, you got one. Now that Charter/Spectrum and Disney are playing nice, it should be a lot easier to watch on television. I’m ready for a blood red Sanford Stadium along with 92,000+ cellphone flashlights.

This week we will welcome the warm embrace of Gary Danielson’s unwarranted and irrelevant critiques, and his obfuscation by comparing the two teams to what Nick Saban would have done. Brad Nessler will continue to set up Gary in order to deflect hate, as is proper. So all is right with the world.

Does Georgia only play to the level of competition? The possibility that the Bulldogs will show their best against better competition is explored. I don’t know if that’s necessarily true, but the 2022 campaign opened with a near perfect display against a formidable opponent, then some less that spectacular results followed against lesser teams. It seems a little too easy to paint with that broad brush, but complacency, injuries, new faces, and 18-22 year old men might make it so.

I’m not a betting man, but I know what a big line is. According to DraftKings, Georgia is essentially a 4 touchdown favorite at home against the Gamecocks. Did we smoke them last year in Columbia? Yes. Will we this year? I don’t know, which is why I don’t bet.

And that is definitely the case when we’ve got so many question marks due to injury. According to Kirby, Milton and Edwards are both probable (yay!) which will help probably the most underperforming group (running backs for the uninformed); but Ladd McConkey and Javon Bullard are both questionable - and both are difference-makers when on the field. Bullard seems to be even more questionable, due to the just coming out in the first half Saturday. It looks like we won’t know more until late week, and knowing Kirby, we won’t know until the ref blows the whistle.

Do you want to make bets on what finally unravels the brainfart trust in Indianapolis? It just might be the case of UNC transfer Tez Walker. It is a complex issue. Or you can simplify it by looking at the dozens of cases like temporary Bulldog J.T. Daniels, playing for his 4th team in 5 years. I for one welcome the inevitable declaration of defeat or the multi-billion dollar tide that rolls over the NCAA when colleges band together to move on to a better model.

A lot of bad news came out of Athens this off-season. With great success comes even greater scrutiny (especially when your biggest rivals are the ACCPD and the AJC). But I feel confident stating our always beloved offensive coordinator won’t bring unsavory characters onto the Dooley Field sideline.

Feel free to drop any nuggets you have in the comments below, as long as it doesn’t involve moving violations. And as always...