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Friday Morning Dawg ‘Bites

Brought to you by the number 3, which Florida should consider retiring...

NCAA Football: CFP National Champions-Georgia Celebration
Let’s do it again

Good morning, Dawg and Dawgettes. One more day and then the most wonderful time of the year officially begins for everyone who loves the Georgia Bulldogs. Don’t blink, because if you do the season will be over.

Let’s talk a bit about the weather. Have you seen the forecast for tomorrow evening? For a September 2nd in the Deep South, it will be absolutely October-like. Temperatures around kickoff should be in the upper 70’s, with virtually no wind. Sunday morning’s forecast low in Athens is 59. Enjoy!

Not sure if you saw where ex-Alabama offensive lineman and former Mississippi State coach Sylvester Croom addressed the team recently, but his message was a good one. Kirby explains his motivation for bringing in one of the true class-acts in the game.

Talking season is over. The folks over at 247 Sports have their annual game-by-game prediction for the Dawgs. I can’t see anything to bicker over, but you know one or two of these games will be closer than they should be.

Not Dawg-specific, per se, but nevertheless a pretty good encapsulation of why 2023 the last rodeo before conference re-alignment and playoff expansion is promises to alter the sport forever($$). Or, will it?

Georgia has some moolah, dinero, ducketts, bucks, straight cash, money. Here’s some evidence of the 80 million Butts-Mehre upgrades. Now drop and give me 20 10 (you’re probably old like me, so I’ll cut everyone some slack).

Pat Forde of Sports Illustrated thinks Georgia is pretty darn good and offers an explanation as to why. The SI jinx only happens if we are on the cover, correct? Whew!

And in other news, a.k.a. “Making fun of your most hated rival.”

Did you watch Utah dominate a sloppy, poorly coached Florida team last night? Of course you did. Did you watch Florida give up 5 sacks, have approximately 15 procedure penalties at crucial moments? Affirmative! Did you watch Florida have two players wearing the same #3 jersey get flagged for “illegal participation” after a crucial 3rd down stop that ultimately kept a Utah drive alive in which the Utes scored a touchdown? I don’t know what it is with the number “3,” but UF should seriously consider shelving it for a while. There’s some history here, too.

Dan Mullen is the gift that keeps on tormenting Florida fans. And I’m here for every bit of it.

That’s all I’ve got. See you Sunday with a few thoughts...

As Always, Go Dawgs!