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Classic City Thoughts: Bobo May Not Need To Run The Ball

NCAA Football: Georgia-Spring Game Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Running The Ball? It May Not Be As Critical Early On

It’s a running punchline, but get ready to hear “run the ball, Bobo” as the former Georgia quarterback makes his return to the offensive coordinator spot in Athens.

There are multiple reasons that Kirby Smart tapped Bobo to take over after Todd Monken left. Aside from him being more than capable of doing the job, Bobo is a guy who can do two other key things - develop quarterbacks and recruit well. And if you are going to coach for Kirby Smart, you better be a relentless recruiter.

Georgia goes into the season with a banged up running back room. Branson Robinson is out for the season, Kendall Milton has missed basically all of fall camp and Daijun Edwards has also been banged up.

This plays right into what Georgia needs to do, however. Carson Beck is QB1 for the Bulldogs, and all the action he can get throwing the ball, even if it is UT Martin, is critical.

So get ready - Run The Ball, Bobo is back.

Keep Rivalry Games On Campus

This weekend’s opening slate of games gives us the battle of the Carolinas with South Carolina and North Carolina playing in Uptown Charlotte. They’ll renew their border-state rivalry at the home of the Carolina Panthers, depriving fans of the pageantry of being on an opposing campus.

Next year’s Aflac Kickoff Game matches Georgia and Clemson. Frankly speaking, it’s hard to get as juiced up. That’s because rather than Georgia fans descending upon Auburn With A Lake or Clemson fans moseying to Athens, the game will be on in a sterilized environment at Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

Playing an Oregon or Virginia Tech at a neutral site is one thing, but rivalries with very few exceptions (see the WLOCP) should be on campus.

The Excitement...and Dread Of One Final Normal Season

Full disclosure. There were times during this offseason that I dreaded opening weekend. It’s nothing against college football itself or the fact that this is the greatest era of Georgia football. It’s that going forward, college football as we know it will cease to exist.

A college football without The Civil War between Oregon and OSU and Bedlam between Oklahoma State and Oregon? That’ll be so 2023 at this time next year. The Deep South’s Oldest Football Rivalry? Who knows if that’ll fit into the ESPN-run college football that is intent on making TV ratings king of all.

It’s almost like the Braves’ final seasons at Fulton County Stadium or Turner Field or when NASCAR left (until this year) North Wilkesboro. You knew the direction may be nicer and sleeker, but there was also the reality that what’s next will never be what it was.

Go Dawgs!