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New Season, New Shirt From Breaking T

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Do you like Brock Bowers? Of course you do. You’re reading this Georgia Bulldog sports website. You love Brock Bowers.

And you can now show everyone how much you appreciate the Napa Nightmare (tm) with this brand new shirt from our friends at Breaking Ts.

As always this design is officially licensed by both the University of Georgia and The Brandr Group, so you know the student athlete’s right to his name, image and likeness are being respected. BreakingT’s shirts and hoodies are designed and printed in the USA on ultra soft, durable, and lightweight fabric. And if there’s a problem they come with the peace of mind of BreakingT’s free return and exchange policy.

So order one today. Maybe even two. Or, order one for every touchdown Brock Bowers has scored in a Georgia Bulldog uniform (that’d be 24, not that we’re counting). And…

Go ‘Dawgs!!!