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Monday ‘Dawg Bites Is Actually Happy To Talk About Quarterbacks (Unlike Some Schools We Know)

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: APR 15 Georgia G-Day Red and Black Spring Game Photo by John Adams/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

It’s Monday again and the world doesn’t stop turning for you to catch up on what’s going on in Georgia Bulldog sports (we’re talking to the management about that, by the way). So let’s do a quick hurry up-no huddle through what’s making news in Bulldog Nation.

The Red and Black held their first scrimmage of the fall on Saturday, and Kirby Smart was about as chipper as you would expect. Maybe it’s the Munson in me, but I’d get a little worried if the Dawg-in-Chief was super pleased with how his guys looked this early. I much prefer for him to have things to fix.

Specifically with regard to the quarterbacks Smart said that none of the three in the rotation had their best day, but also hinted that he needs to watch the tape to see exactly what he’s dealing with. Personally I don’t expect Carson Beck to be the next Stetson Bennett. I just want him to be the best Carson Beck he can be. That starts with protecting the ball which, reading between the lines on Coach Smart’s comments, may or may not have been an issue. After all, it usually is for signal callers facing the UGA defense.

Speaking of that defense, Coach Smart is also in wait and see mode on his defensive line, which lost Jalen Carter to the draft and Bear Alexander, Shone Washington, and Bill Norton to the transfer portal. As has become the norm under Smart the question is. Or whether Georgia is talented in the middle of its defense, it’s how that talent will develop. I think Nazir Stackhouse, Warren Brinson, and Zion Logue are as good a first three as you’ll find. But Alexander and Washington in particular should have been the guys to provide quality snaps and keep them fresh. The story for this group in 2023 will turn on how healthy those guys can stay and whether Tramel Walthour, Jonathan Jefferson, Tyrion Ingram-Dawkins, Christian Miller, and some talented newcomers can step up and emerge as next season’s shining stars.

Obviously the holy grail of scrimmage news is the absence of any serious injury. The ‘Dawgs were so close on Saturday, but didn’t quite get there. Highly-touted freshman linebacker Raylen Wilson went down with a hyperextended knee. That can be a scary injury, and one that can take either a couple of days or a few weeks to heal up depending on the severity. The good news is that it sounds like Wilson’s injury didn’t involve any ligament damage, the major complicating factor that can turn a sprained knee into a season-ending surgery.

Elsewhere on the injury front the Red and Black continue to deal with the kind of bumps and bruises that you expect after a few days of hard football practice. We already knew Branson Robinson was going to be out to start the season following foot surgery. Smael Mondon sounds on track to be ready for the start of the season, which to my mind is one of the keys for the UGA defense. Otherwise it sounds like everyone is dealing with things that can or will be played through if necessary.

And while you may be dealing with your bumps and bruises, remember: you’re doing better than Florida Gator fans, whose coach just named a starting quarterback who even UF beat writers have pegged to be the worst in the SEC this season.

You hate to see it. By which i mean, you absolutely love to see it. Until later . . .

Go ‘Dawgs!!!