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Free Form Friday: A Ranking of SEC Opponent Annoyance

Syndication: The Knoxville News-Sentinel Saul Young/News Sentinel / USA TODAY NETWORK

It’s college football’s offseason. That’s a regrettable facts which is beyond your control or mine. We can’t make college football season return any faster.

But we can help you pass the time until it returns. Hence the return of Free Form Friday, a periodic feature in which we address the weighty questions of the day. It’s sort of a virtual tailgate tent, only it doesn’t leak when it rains and we’re not going to hit you up for a contribution to the beer chest. Maestro, the music:

One of the inevitable consequences of being so many fanbases’ primary rival is the Georgia Bulldog fans find themselves in contact with some pretty rough company. The march toward a 16 team SEC and the inevitable fruit basket turnover of traditional scheduling makes this a particularly good time to take stock of our coevals. Which one is the most annoying?

Some SEC fanbases elicit no measurable response. I have had good experiences with Kentucky fans, and Lexington is an underrated destination. Missouri fans are, you know, fine. Arkansas fans seem a bit unhinged at times, but they rarely aim that enthusiasm in our general direction so it doesn’t really register.

Florida fans get on my nerves, but with Georgia having seized full control of the rivalry between the schools over the past decade they’re more pitiable than anything else. Auburn fans are quite something. But I’ve been heartened enough by the number who were repulsed by the Hugh Freeze hire to reassess them as a whole. South Carolina fans make me tilt my head quizzically like a juvenile German Shepherd trying to learn trigonometry.

No, for me the most annoying SEC fan base easily belongs to the Tennessee Volunteers. Your mileage may vary, but my experience has been that Vol fans have the hubris of Alabama fans, the manners of Florida fans, and the gentle, retiring demeanor of LSU fans. I’d rather schedule a monthly appointment with a proctologist with poor depth perception than visit Neyland Stadium for any reason other than to witness yet another beatdown of the Big Urnge.

What about you? What SEC fanbase sends you into fits of annoyance, and why? Extra points fir stories of fan interaction which can be neither verified or disproved. Until later…

Go ‘Dawgs!!!