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Tuesday SEC Meetings Dawg Bites

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: APR 15 Georgia G-Day Red and Black Spring Game Photo by Jeffrey Vest/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Kirby Smart has made a lot of sayings famous since being hired at Georgia. One around 2017 was ‘keep the main thing the main thing.’

That’s more than lip service for Smart, as shown by his comments at the SEC meetings on Tuesday in terms of the future of the anticipated SEC scheduling format.

To Smart, the bigger issue is the fate of the SEC Championship going forward, along with other issues.

To the chagrin of Georgia fans, you can still play for a national title without winning your division. See 2017 Alabama. See Ohio State not winning its division this year and nearly preventing a back-to-back championship.

That issue is something that Smart hopes to see addressed.

Regardless of scheduling format, someone will go home unhappy. Should the 1-7 model go into effect, one traditional rival stays. Fans in south Georgia may be happy about still playing Florida, but those around west Georgia would not be as excited about not playing Auburn each year - ditto for fans in north Georgia toward Tennessee and likewise for fans near Augusta for South Carolina.

The new schedule format will take sacrifices - time will tell if chasing that rabbit will be worth it.

Smart On Off-Field Issues

Unless you’ve been hiding on a desert island since January, you’re aware that the Georgia football program has been in the headlines for the wrong reasons due to driving-related incidents.

Consider this, via the Athens-Banner Herald, citing audio from a body cam recording when DeNylon Morrissette was pulled over.

Is it fair that there’s a bigger spotlight on the Georgia program and these issues get more attention? No, but with the program's success comes more being expected, and being on that stage comes with the territory. Everyone wants the big dog on top of the mountain to fail somehow. Even if you don’t follow sports in this state, you can’t escape the fact that the best program in college football is Georgia.

That’s why these issues need to be addressed. Now.

Smart said Tuesday that the issues are being addressed internally. Hopefully, that addressing takes effect because what’s been done in previous months clearly has not worked.

CBS televising South Carolina, Florida Games

The wait for the long-desired night game in Sanford Stadium continues following the announcement of two kickoff times on Tuesday.

As expected, the Georgia-Florida game is tabbed for a 3:30 p.m. kickoff on CBS, and the network will also take the most attractive home game this season, the Sept. 16 against South Carolina, also a 3:30 p.m. At least its not a noon start...

Go Dawgs!