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Broderick Jones Headed To Pittsburgh

NCAA Football: CFP National Championship-Texas Christian at Georgia Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Bulldog to Pennsylvania pipeline has hit its stride tonight. After the Eagles picked Jalen Carter to augment their Bulldog-heavy defense, the Pittsburgh Steelers once again dipped into Athens to pick tackle Broderick Jones with the #14 pick in the first round of tonight’s draft.

In Jones the Steelers get a versatile lineman with experience at both tackle positions. Jones is obviously more of a left tackle, with long arms and nimble feet. But an overlooked aspect of his game is his equal facility both blocking in line and getting out into space. Georgia ran a pretty diverse mix of zone and gap blocking schemes and Jones excelled in both. He’s a natural athlete who will only get better as he continues to hone his technique. Jones is also still likely to develop physically, which frankly would be a plus for his game. At 6’5, 311 pounds Jones looks even leaner. If there’s a question about him physically it may be whether Jones can add enough weight to be a boat anchor left tackle without losing the agility that makes him unique. But for now he’s the most athletic offensive lineman available in this draft, and a guy who could develop into a multi-year fixture on the Steeler O-line.

Also, in what appears to be a theme for the evening, Jones will join former teammates George Pickens and Tae Crowder in the Steel City. The Bulldogs are filling up and taking over the league.

Go ‘Dawgs!!!