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Wednesday Dawg Bites Sees Opportunity For Fresh Backs

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: JAN 09 CFP National Championship Photo by Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Even with two championships, some Georgia fans will find ways to worry. It’s the inner Larry Munson in us. I’m sure if he was still with us, he’d of recently had an “Larry Munson Insight On Sports” segment on 960 The Ref, mixed with a movie review, bemoaning “how in the world this offense can score points..we don't even know who can get these receivers the ball!”

So it is this week with Kendall Milton’s injury, with a hamstring ailment putting him out for the spring. Combine that with Daijun Edwards being limited and Andrew Paul being out for the spring, and Georgia’s coaching staff gets what spring practice is meant for with the bottom end of a depth chart - a bigger chance to see unproven players.

Sure, Milton’s injury brings into greater worry his durability over a long haul - that’s exactly why Georgia needs to know what it has in Branson and Roderick Robinson.

An injury is never good - but in MIlton’s case, the timing could not be better for Georgia’s running back room.

Some coaches, not naming names, but he has a place near Lake Burton and is in Aflac commercials, is bemoaning their team’s possible opponents whenever the SEC sets future schedules.

Let’s just say that Kirby Smart has no black helicopter conspiracy theory about the SEC office having it out for the Dawgs.

Who knows - maybe Georgia gets to play in College Station in the next 15 years....

Good news - The Grit won’t be vacant. The bad? It’s chain restaurant season, again.

Personally, one of my saddest culinary moments in Athens was when both Guthrie’s locations on the Eastside and Baxter Hill closed up.

Have an fan of Ohio State in your sphere of influence? Well Javon Bullard’s NIL deal has the perfect part of a healthy breakfast.

Go Dawgs!