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Free Form Friday: Your One Shining Moment

NCAA Football: CFP National Championship-Texas Christian at Georgia Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

This is freeform Friday. It’s been a while, so allow me too elaborate on what we do here. This is the occasional open comment thread/digital tailgate tent under which we congregate when there is no college football to be found. It serves as your outpost for dialogue with like-minded ‘Dawgs while we wait for spring practice and hide out from productive offseason activity. Maestro, the music:

The 2022 college football season delivered more than its fair share of striking moments. And as bulldog fans, we witnessed more than our fair share.

But here’s a good question: which one was the single most joyful for you?

Some may say it was watching an Ohio State field goal attempt duck hook to the left as the New Year descended. For me, that moment was more characterized by relief and disbelief, but I could be alone there.

Was it watching Florida fans skulking dejectedly out of the Gator Bowl, ruminating for the first time that they might need someone or something other than Billy Napier to return to their glory days? If so, I wouldn’t blame you a bit. That was delicious.

Perhaps your heart took flight watching Bo Nix hit the ground in Mercedes-Benz Stadium, confirming that Kirby had reloaded rather than rebuilt?

Or, perhaps your moment of solidarity with the universe came when you watched Branson Robinson bowl into the end zone at Sofi Stadium once again, securing the largest margin of victory in modern title game history, and you knew that no one on God’s own internet would ever be able to shut you up about it.

Feel free to share your moment of total happiness in the comments, or talk about whatever other sports or non-sporting pursuits you’re up to these days. And until later….

Go ‘Dawgs!!!