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Valentines Verses for Bulldog Fans

NCAA Football: CFP National Champions-Georgia Celebration
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Ah, Valentine’s Day. It is the holiday on which we celebrate St. Valentine, a third century Roman priest who according to legend was beaten to death and beheaded on this very day. What could be more romantic than that?

How about this. St. Valentine is the patron saint of not only lovers, but also beekeepers and those suffering from epilepsy and the plague. That, as they say, is amore.

Of course here our love language is college sports. So to celebrate this most passionate of day, I composed a few college football themed poems of love suitable for reciting to your sweetheart.

Roses are red,

Brett Thorson’s our mate.

Florida hasn’t won jack

since 2008.

Roses are red,

Martinis need gin.

Todd Monken’s offense

Just scored again.

Roses are red,

Puppies bring smiles,

It takes a real nihilist

To hire Kendall Briles.

Roses are red,

Lane Kiffin wears flip flops

Talking up Napier

Was Kirby’s peak psyop.

Roses are red,

Bees live in a hive

I simply can’t wait

To watch Texas go 7-5.

Sunflowers are yellow

The sun, it sets westward

There’s a chance Auburn football

Is about to be FUBAR’d.

Roses are red,

Duane Allman could shred.

I’ve stayed in AirBnBs

Smaller than Josh Heupel’s head.

Roses smell sweet

Sooner fans noted dryly

Unlike that cowardly rascal

Lincoln Riley.

Violets are purple

So is TCU

If we’d had two more minutes

We’d have scored 72.

Have a fantastic day, and if any of you amateur Shakespeares want to chime in with your verses in the comments, have at it.

Go ‘Dawgs!!!