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Friday Morning ‘Dawg Bites

It’s been about a week since...well, you know.

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NCAA Football: Georgia at Georgia Tech
What a great face.

If you’re a little bit like me, perhaps you are feeling a sense of relief after the smoke cleared from last Saturday’s SECCG loss. Twenty-nine victories in-a-row was a remarkable achievement. Having said that, a streak like that can be burdensome and I suppose we all know that at some point it must end. It’s a pity it did - where, when, against whom and perhaps how with a tip ‘o the cap to the SEC crew and Mr. replay booth official. Upon reflection this week, the loss in Atlanta isn’t really what’s bothered me. It’s the ignominy of dropping from the #1 ranking all the way down to #6 which, by the way, is unprecedented and unfair. I’d still take a healthy version of our team against the field every day of the week and twice on Sunday. You’ll never convince me that Georgia isn’t one of the 4-best teams in America. Ever. A college football season is a grind. Everyone has injuries, so no excuses. The carnage will only increase as more games are added to those “lucky” enough to make future playoffs, with the final 2 teams potentially playing a 16 game season. That’s a lot of football. With that realization I don’t think a 29-game winning streak for an SEC school might ever get topped. Yes, the streak is over: Long live the streak!

So, now we look ahead to the Orange Bowl and embrace the upcoming opportunity to face a Florida State team that is either going to come out with guns a’ blazing on December 30th at 4 PM, or will be a shell of its already wounded self. I like our chances no matter which version of FSU shows up (I’m hoping for the former) because I believe Kirby will get his message across to his kids about finishing the right way. A possible 13-1 season is no small feat. Losing a 3-point contest that still could’ve gone our way had we gotten just one damn break against Alabama deserves more than a #6 ranking prior to the CFP.

Any news to report on this morning? Well, the portal giveth and taketh away. Yesterday, 3 more Dawgs have decided to make the jump as Xavian Sorey, EJ Lightsey and walk-on punt return specialist Mekhi Mews have made their intent clear. Sorey, a former 5-star linebacker, couldn’t quite crack the starting lineup and played valiantly last Saturday versus ‘Bama. I sincerely hope Mews finds a starting role somewhere. He’s a great young man and has some undeniable talent.

Good luck, Mekhi.

Perhaps no team is being hit harder in the portal at the moment than Florida.

The imminent departure of running back Trevor Etienne is especially tough on the Gators and might end up being an even bigger bitter pill to swallow as Etienne could wind up in Athens which is a distinct possibility. Florida is bringing in a good recruiting class and could recover more talent in the portal. But with natural attrition, the portal and a daunting ‘24 schedule, this program has a ton of pressure on it.

This guy expects Georgia to return next year “with a vengeance,” even using the term “dynasty.” I’m not entirely sure we’re quite there, but that’s okay. I like where we are.

The Dawgs have a pair of freshman All-SEC members, as linebacker Raylen Wilson and offensive tackle Earnest Greene have been recognized by the Conferences 14 coaches.

That’s all for now. Georgia’s coaches are extremely busy “recruiting” their current roster and on the road visiting committed recruits who are currently still in high school. The month of December, with pending bowl games and portal madness, has become out of control for college coaching staffs across the land. I envy their paychecks. I don’t even their work load.

As Always, GO Dawgs!