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Thursday Dawg Bites Can’t Resist Looking Ahead

2023 SEC Championship - Georgia v Alabama Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images

Looking ahead is something that by nature you are not supposed to do. For those on the Georgia football team that’ll be there when the Dawgs take on FSU in the Orange Bowl, you’d expect the prime focus to be on sending a message to the nation and disposing of a Seminoles team with similar intentions.

But as Georgia fans, it’s hard not to look ahead to 2024. And that’s not just surrounded by wondering how the team will be shaped by NFL Draft declarations or the transfer portal.

No, it now revolves around what the 2024 schedule will look like for Georgia. If what was leaked Wednesday night ends up holding true, it’ll be a schedule that is a lot of unpack.

Here’s how it looks...

Aug. 31 - Clemson (In Atlanta)

Sept. 7 - Tennessee Tech

Sept. 14 - at Kentucky

Sept. 28 - At Alabama

Oct. 5 - Auburn

Oct. 12 - Mississippi State

Oct. 19- At Texas

Nov. 2 - Florida

Nov. 9 - At Ole Miss

Nov. 16 - Tennessee

Nov. 23 - UMass

Nov. 30 - Georgia Tech

From the top, this is arguably the toughest road stretch I can remember Georgia facing. Texas and Alabama on the road plus a turnaround after Florida to go to Oxford. The good news is that with the expanded playoff giving margin for error, the season is not over from a title standpoint if you lose one of those games. If there is a positive, Kentucky early on has its upside since you avoid later-season cold in Lexington plus catch a Wildcats team that’ll be breaking in a new quarterback.

But if you’re a fan that loves road tripping? It’s hard not to consider going to Oxford, Tuscaloosa, and Austin in the same year as lacking fun.

There’s no telling if any of these matchups are return games. If they are, you can say goodbye to boring home schedules. Can you imagine Bama and Texas Between The Hedges in the same fall?

More spotlight will also be on Georgia. Why? Because there’s a strong chance the Dawgs may be playing this year’s national champion or at the least the national runner-up.

This schedule will be incredibly grueling. Compared to other teams, it may not seem equitable, but the new college football won’t be about what’s best for schools or players. Rather, it’ll be all about the TV networks.

You don't want to overanalyze it, but if you are that type, a video circulating Wednesday lends to a theory that this is going to be Nick Saban’s final season.

That makes losing on Saturday harder to stomach. Can you imagine what kind of changing of the guard moment it’d have been?

Texas and Oklahoma have extended their contract to continue playing at the Cotton Bowl and that appears to be in part due to the Cotton Bowl planning renovations.

Could this mean the SEC will remain committed to neutral-site rivalries and push to have the WLOCP remain in Jacksonville long-term? Time will tell.

Go Dawgs!