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Monday ‘Dawg Bites Is Ready To Start A New Streak

Georgia v Tennessee Photo by Eakin Howard/Getty Images

Georgia fans are certainly pretty upset about most every aspect of the College Football Playoff rankings. But no fanbase is more aggrieved than those of the Florida State Seminoles. My former Bulldog beat colleague and current ACC expert David Hale has this brutal list of the reasons why the committee’s snub of the Noles is so hard to defend, most especially when it’s judged by what’s actually happened when teams have relied on backups quarterbacks in the playoff.

Personally I wonder if the decision was informed by Georgia’s 65-7 shellacking of TCU last year. Knowing the flack they took for that, there may have been a desire to provide their television partners three compelling games. One thing’s for sure: it looks like the top-seeded Michigan Wolverines aren’t as excited to play Alabama as they would have been to play FSU.

Saturday’s SEC Championship Game was indeed a national quarterfinal. And you’ll never convince me the Bulldogs weren’t a better team than the slappies the committee ended up with. The best part is that in their heart of hearts they dang well know it, too.

But enough of the past. Let’s talk about how Georgia gets back to the title game in the future. The transfer portal officially opens today and it appears the Bulldogs will again be among the team’s making news. There are already indications for example that Vandy freshman receiver London Humphreys is considering joining the Red and Black.

You may remember Humphreys as the speedy young man who took a short pass 49 yards for a touchdown against Georgia earlier this season.

Remember, all your playmakers are belong to Kirby. Of course, Georgia will have some guys heading out of town, too. Linebacker Darris Smith already announced he’a entering the portal. We’ll have some more concrete news on this later, but I also expect the ‘Dawgs to lose players on the offensive line, at running back, receiver, quarterback, and in the secondary as well. Just keep calm and trust the Kirbster. It’ll all work out.

The first game of the rest of Georgia’s dynasty is in 26 days against the Florida State Seminoles. Georgia opens as a 13 point favorite, which seems just fine to me. The issue is that we don’t yet know about the opt outs, of which I expect FSU to have a few and Georgia to have quite a few.

It’s the nature of college football today that players don’t play in these games if it will risk their draft stock in only four and half short months. I get that. In my mind, a player like Javon Bullard has already done more than his fair share for this program. He doesn’t owe me another game as a fan, though obviously I’d love to see him (and Amarius Mims, and Ladd McConkey, and Brock Bowers….) one more time in red and black.

But there’s also a part of me that knows the program benefits more from JaCorey Thomas and David Daniel Sisevanh getting those snaps. Until later…

Go ‘Dawgs!!!