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Your College Football Bowl Season TV Schedule

From the ridiculous to the important, it’s time to go bowling...

Fruit bowl Photo by Viola Lopes/picture alliance via Getty Images

College Bowl season is upon us! And with it a parade of college football games both sublime and silly. Who among us can resist the call of the Bad Boy Mowers Pinstripe Bowl? The majesty of the Avocados From Mexico Cure Bowl? The sheer absurdity of the Starco Brands LA Bowl Presented By Gronk?!?!? That’s right, the previously nonsensical Jimmy Kimmel’s LA Bowl is under new sponsorship! Now it will be brought to you by Rob Gronkowski and a company that (among other things) makes Vodka-infused whipped cream.

For the traditionalists among you, there is the 9th edition of the Bahamas Bowl. Except that due to construction (and for one season only) it is the Famous Toastery Bowl and will be played in Charlotte, N.C.. And what would the world be without the Pop-Tarts née Cheez-It Bowl (formerly the Camping World Bowl, the Russell Athletic Bowl, and the Champs Sports Bowl). Alas, the aforementioned Cheez-It Bowl is no more... although I beg you not to ask too many questions about the the newly christened Cheez-It Citrus Bowl. It replaces the VRBO Citrus Bowl which has, in turn, given way to the birth of the VRBO Fiesta Bowl.

It’s all a lot to keep up with at this busy time of year, so we invite you to indulge in your final television schedule of the season:

Your College Football Bowl Season TV Schedule >>>> CLICK HERE!!!

And that’s it for me! See you soon...