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Your Week 11 College Football TV Schedule

Brought to you by Lane Kiffin. Rarely has a man both done so much with so little and done so little with so much...

Ole Miss v Auburn Photo by Michael Chang/Getty Images

Your Week 11 College Football TV Schedule >>>> CLICK HERE!!!

Things kickoff tonight (Wednesday) with another rousing slate of MACtion! I’m gonna be honest, if I didn’t double-check, I would have told you these were the exact same MAC games that were played last Wednesday. Enjoy your Kent State, Akron, Miami of Ohio, Toledo, Bowling Green, and Directional Michigan round-robin, I suppose.

On Thursday night, you have an opportunity to truly delight in the misfortune of others. Barring some bizarre twist of fate, the #11 Louisville Cardinals will be absolutely savaging the Virginia Cavaliers. The same Virginia Cavaliers, if you’ll recall, that just lost to Georgia freaking Tech by 28 points. It’s gonna be a bloodbath. Then the options on Friday are pretty slim, with your best bet probably being... North Texas visiting SMU? Honestly, it’s pretty rough.

Everything gets better once the Saturday games begin, with an amazing array of consequential contests all day long. At noon, sickos like me will likely tune in to see what Clemson does to Georgia Tech. However, the obvious banner game at lunchtime is the contest between #3 Michigan and #10 Penn State. It will be interesting to see what Michigan is actually working with... and what kind of “scouting” they’ve been able to do beforehand to prepare for the Fightin’ Franklins.

At 3:30, you’re going to have to make some pretty serious choices. #14 Mizzou hosting #13 Tennessee or #18 Utah visiting #5 Washington? Or maybe you want to go a little off the radar and see if MIami can give #4 FSU a game. Or heck, maybe this would be a good time to find out if Sam Pittman’s Arkansas Razorbacks can embarrass Auburn more than they already embarrassed themselves when they hired Hugh Freeze! Regardless, the afternoon schedule is jam-packed.

As the evening approaches, the game on everyone’s mind comes into focus. The #9 Ole Miss Rebels visit Athens to take on your #2 Georgia Bulldogs. Its always good to spend some time with Hello Kiffy. While that contest will be at the forefront, commercial breaks will provide an opportunity to watch Florida’s prolonged journey to missing the postseason yet again, as the Gators take on #19 LSU.

In the late night slot, holy moly! It’s marquee, broadcast network Pac-12 After Dark with far-reaching ramifications! The 7-3 USC Trojans are visiting the #6 Oregon Ducks... and that’s about as good as it gets for 10:30 at night. Simply outstanding.

That’s all for now, folks. Enjoy the rest of your week and get ready for a great weekend of college football.

Until later.