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The Winning Smart Victory Post #90

Missouri v Georgia Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images

Homecoming 2023!

It was a beautiful day, filled with beautiful people. At the Dawg Walk, the Homecoming Court preceded the team down the Tate Center parking lot into the stadium. I actually got into the stadium before the cheerleaders had put out the pom poms on the hedges.

Dear readers, if you have never been to a game at Sanford Stadium, I hope you have all the information you need prior to coming to Athens. If you are a ticket holder, and you find yourself giving or selling your tickets to someone else, please make sure they know the following:

1) Parking on campus is pre-pay only, and I think it’s all sold out prior to the season even starting. Just plan to park off-campus. Several places along Milledge Avenue (fraternities and sororities, mostly) will let you park around $20-30. Just know that the closer you are to campus, the more $$ it will cost you, and it will sell out.

2) Sanford Stadium has a clear bag policy. One bag per person, clear vinyl or PVC, no larger than 12” X 12” X 6”. These can be purchased online (Amazon and other retailers), or in person at Dick’s, Academy or other sporting goods stores.

3) Sanford Stadium is completely cashless. Make sure you bring some form of cashless payment. All of the concessions I have personally visited have had tap-to-pay technology, so you can use your phone if you have your card loaded on it, or you can just use the card itself.

I always try to be at the Dawg Walk, and I will enter the stadium shortly after it is over. I go by the hedges to get my pom pom, up through the home stands to get to the main level, where I usually get some Chick-fil-A, then I work my way up to my seats. I am usually the first one in the section, and I greet people as they arrive.

Yesterday, a young man sat to my right. He told me how excited he was to be at the game, on his birthday weekend. He said he was born and raised in Georgia, but now lives in LA (lower Alabama) so his wife can be closer to her family. He had planned his weekend carefully, and tried to make sure he knew everything he needed to know in order to maximize his experience. He had driven in, planning to check in to the hotel prior to coming to the game, only to be told he couldn’t check in until 2:00PM. He decided to come on down to campus, only to find the parking he had researched online (that was $10), was actually $60. He found someplace else to park for $40, and headed to the stadium.

Prior to coming to the game, he had made sure he had cash (not knowing the cashless policy), so when he arrived in the stadium, hungry and irritated by other events, only to be told he couldn’t purchase food because he didn’t have a card available to use, it nearly derailed things.

I didn’t respond immediately, as it was time for pre-game festivities (which I never miss). It actually took me to the 2nd quarter before I said to him, let’s go get you some food. He looked at me funny. I said, you have cash, I have a card. You give me the cash, I’ll use my card to pay for your food. This is your birthday weekend. You can’t go the whole game without eating. I didn’t worry about him trying to pass off a counterfeit bill on me – I spent 20ish years in banking, and I knew I would know a bogus bill. (In fact, he didn’t, which is really what I expected). Perhaps it was the mama in me, but I just wasn’t about to let this young man go hungry. I’d like to think all of you would have done the same.

Hopefully he had the time of his life (he seemed to be happy), and the rest of his weekend went smoothly, and that he is now home safe & sound, with great memories.

However, it is our intention to celebrate Georgia Bulldog Football Wins whenever and wherever they occur. The ugliness or beauty of any particular win is irrelevant for the purposes of the Winning Smart Victory Post. It is therefore my deepest honor and privilege to bring to you this week’s edition of: The Winning Smart Victory Post.

Coach Kirby Smart coached his 105th game this week for the Red & Black. He currently boasts an 90-15 record and a 0.8571 winning percentage, having carded his ninetieth win overall in the ninth game of the season against the Missouri Tigers.

At the identical juncture in their careers:

Vince Dooley’s 105th game as head coach resulted in a Georgia Bulldogs loss to Kentucky in the seventh game of the 1973 season, giving Coach Dooley a record of 71-30-5 and 0.7000 percentage.

Coach Mark Richt was 83-22 (0.7905) after a win over Michigan State in the Capitol One Orange Bowl, January 1, 2009.

One hundred and five games into his head coaching career Kirby Smart is seven games ahead of Coach Mark Richt and ahead of Coach Vince Dooley by 19 games. As of now, he is holding his own versus the two winningest coaches in Georgia Football History.

As always . . .

Go ‘Dawgs !!!!