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MVDs: Missouri Edition

Syndication: Online Athens Joshua L. Jones / USA TODAY NETWORK

You don’t pull away to secure a victory over a hard-charging Missouri squad without a total team effort. However even then some Dawgs are bound to rise to the occasion, leaving their mark on the game in a way that cannot be forgotten. Those ‘Dawgs of distinction are your MVDs, the Most Valuable ‘Dawgs from Georgia’s 30-21 victory over Missouri.

Offense: Ladd McConkey. It wasn’t the most explosive offensive performance we’ve seen from Mike Bobo’s charges. But Madd Ladd hauled in 7 catches for 95 yards, a full 25% of the 385 yards of total offense the Red and Black had on the day. Once again, if you find yourself without a Brock Bowers, it’s always nice to have a Ladd McConkey. And having both is one of the reasons it’s great to be Carson Beck right now.

Defense: Nazir Stackhouse. I mean, obviously there’s this:

Stackhouse did make a heads up play to squelch Missouri’s last serious threat in the fourth quarter. But he also played a solid game in the middle, as part of a unit that all but prevented Missouri from running between the tackles in the second half.

Special Teams: Peyton Woodring. Since missing a pair of field goals against South Carolina the Dawgs’ true freshman kicker is 13 of 13. Today he provided the margin of victory by going 3 of 3, including a career long 48 yarder with 3:57 left on the clock to make it a two score game. Every week he’s looked a little more confident, and I’m beginning to suspect we may actually have our elite kicker for the foreseeable future.

In the words of that college football fanatic David Byrne, “Am I right? Am I wrong?” Either way feel free to sound off in the comments. And…

Go ‘Dawgs!!!