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Chapel Bell Curve: The One Where We’re Not Gonna Talk About The Officiating, But…..

University of Georgia Campus Photo by John Powell/Replay Photos via Getty Images

Nathan and Yara have returned from Thanksgiving break and have some thoughts on the latest rendition of Clean Old-Fashioned Hate, and other stuff, including:

* Nathan unwittingly scouting 2024 Bulldog offensive tackle recruit Daniel Calhoun and confirming that he is, in fact, massive.

* Yara meeting the canine posse tasked with replicating her level of energy.

* The Bulldog run defense against Georgia Tech: statistically speaking, just as bad as you thought!

* Kendall Milton statistically speaking, even more dominant than you thought!

* Looking deep into Carson Beck’s future (okay not that deep, only a couple of months).

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Go ‘Dawgs!!!