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Your Week 13 College Football TV Schedule

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This week’s schedule kicks off on Thursday with the Egg Bowl between #12 Ole Miss and Mississippi State. I don’t think anyone is expecting this to be much of a game, but you just never know what might happen when two in-state rivals get together. Regardless, there are worse ways to spend your time before you slip off into your tryptophan coma.

Friday’s slate is actually pretty crazy... but the scheduling gods have decided to air a bunch of ranked teams at the same time. In the nighttime block you get #11 Penn State/Michigan State, Texas Tech/#7 Texas, and #16 Oregon State/#6 Oregon. But earlier on in the day, you can also check out TCU at #13 Oklahoma and #9 Mizzou visiting Arkansas.

At noon on Saturday, we have perhaps the biggest game of the weekend: The Leftover Bland Casserole Bowl between #2 Ohio State and #3 Michigan. Unfortunately, Jim Harbaugh will be watching from his office while eating reheated stuffing with his pleated khakis unbuttoned (allegedly). If that doesn’t strike your fancy, feel free to watch #14 LSU toy with Texas A&M while the Aggie boosters try to figure out which overrated coach they can offer a 25 year contract worth a billion dollars. You know it’s a good investment when you can be relatively certain you’ll finish somewhere between 3rd and 5th in the SEC West on a regular basis.

In the afternoon block, I have to imagine most folks will be checking out the Iron Bowl between #8 Alabama and Auburn. Again, this isn’t likely to be much of a game. But even if the Tide roll, its always fun to watch Auburn flop around like a fish gasping for its last breath on the dock while their coach tries frantically to figure out why he’s having trouble logging into OnlyFans.

When night falls, you’ll all be tuning in to see your #1 Georgia Bulldogs dismantle the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets. Remember when I said that anything can happen when in-state rivals play a few paragraphs ago? Forget that. The Dawgs dominate and the Tech fans will be leaving Daewoo Field to drink that 6-pack of Zima they bought off a shady 3rd party Amazon seller by halftime. During commercials, feel free to switch over to Florida getting manhandled by #5 FSU.

In the late night, there isn’t much of note. However, I suggest you celebrate one last toast to Pac-12 After Dark as Cal and UCLA play in what is sure to be a wildly mediocre game.

That’s all for now, folks. Enjoy the rest of your week and get ready for a great weekend of college football. And remember to let your hate flag fly.

Until later.