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What Was Josh Heupel Thinking?

NCAA Football: Georgia at Tennessee Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports

You’ve seen it a million times.

The seconds are draining from the clock. Hope is fading. And there stands the Coach of the losing team, powerless to do anything to stop it, alone with his thoughts.

“What’s running through that poor guy’s head?” you wonder. If the poor guy in question is Tennessee’s Josh Heupel, we may have an idea.

Folks, this is a photo of Tennessee Volunteer football coach Josh Heupel taken in the waning moments of his team’s 38-10 loss to your Georgia Bulldogs.

Syndication: The Knoxville News-Sentinel Saul Young/News Sentinel / USA TODAY NETWORK

What. Was. Josh. Heupel. Thinking?

a) “Somebody, anybody tell me you felt a rain drop. Just one.”

b) “I don’t know why people say I look like that kid Bobby Hill from the cartoon. Our ears are completely different.”

c) “This sounds weird, and it requires some context, but I’m beginning to think that much like Richard Gere I just can’t function anymore without that Hooker.”

d) “Why is Phil Fulmer texting me to meet alone at the old abandoned mine off Route 53? That ain’t even his job anymore!”

Feel free to make your suggestions in the comments, and….

Go ‘Dawgs!!!