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Thursday Dawg Bites Does Not Expect To Be Caught By Surprise

NCAA Football: Georgia at Missouri Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Many may have been jaw-dropping when they saw Oscar Delp’s highlight-reel catch about Florida. One who was not stunned? The player making the catch. Brock Bowers injury could have unintended consequences for opposing defenses. You saw on Saturday against Florida that the bell was being rung for others who had progressed to take big steps forward, and that is exactly what happened. That’s not to say Bowers being hurt is a benefit for Georgia, but it also underscores how well, even if a small sample size is being viewed, others stepped up when needed. The Gumps still bemoaning injured receivers two years ago would do well to take note.

In something that few projected in August, it’s Mizzou, not Tennessee or Ole Miss, that could be Georgia’s biggest offensive test of the regular season. Georgia got one gift in the Mizzou game last year in that it was forced to grow up and find itself in a tough place to play. But that game could also help Georgia on Saturday. Those on this team know how feisty the Tigers can be, so odds of them sneaking up on the Dawgs are greatly diminished.

Quarterback Brady Cook and receiver Luther Burden, whom Georgia badly wanted during his recruitment, have much to do with that, as those the placekicking of Harrison Mevis. If you are expecting a team that drives the ball and comes up empty, look somewhere besides this Tigers team that has scored on nearly every offensive possession inside the red zone.

Hopefully, nobody you know is trying to accumulate wooden pallets...

On the women’s basketball front. The Red & Black has a nice look-ahead to how things are shaping up for Coach Abe.

Go Dawgs!